Tree Removal Service Timber Pros Offering Spring Cleaning Discounts in Leominster Massachusetts

United States, Massachusetts, Leominster – 04-21-2020 ( — April 21, 2020: Timber Pros, a tree removal company based in Leominster, MA, is offering spring cleaning discounts on all of their services amidst the coronavirus pandemic, while ensuring the safety of their workers and clients. 

Timber Pros says it is important to look after the health of your trees, especially if they are growing old, weak, or diseased. Having an understanding of the many benefits that trees provide, it is always our priority to save the tree by pruning away only the diseased portion. However, there are some cases that warrant the immediate removal of the entire tree. 

If a tree is perceived to have wide spread disease, it is important that it be uprooted immediately so that it may not be able to spread the disease to other plant life in the vicinity. 

Trees typically also have long spreading branches which can pose a potential hazard, particularly in areas where there are power lines. However, not all of these trees need to be removed entirely. In many cases, Timber Pros only performs tree surgery which when done correctly only removes the dangerous parts of the trees without uprooting the entire tree. This involves trimming or pruning the tree branches or cutting out the diseased part of the tree. 

We also remove trees whose long-reaching roots overgrow onto property and pavements and can pose a hazard to pedestrians and cars. Thanks to our advanced tree removal equipment, we can perform these tasks easily and effectively while minimizing the damage to the tree. 

Tree removal is a job for the professional not amateurs since it poses certain hazards. That’s why we recommend you use Timber Pros Trees Services. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solutions and think up ways to keep their beloved trees while at the same time making sure it won’t be able to cause any damages to the people and property during storms and other conditions. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality customer care for our clients before and after the jobs is done. We understand the needs of our customers and take great pride in our professional reputation, which is based on high quality of service and safety, no matter how big or small the job is. We strive to communicate and work with every customer and make sure we understand their needs and expectations so that we can do the job quickly, effectively, and efficiently. 

All of our equipment is owned by the company so therefore our clients will never have to experience any delays that are associated with getting rental equipment to the site. Timber Pros is a full-service tree company which offers tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump removal. And lot clearing services in Leominster, Lancaster, Stow, Shirley, Boston, Acton, Weston, Maynard and other cities of Massachusetts.

To discuss your tree removal or tree trimming options, call us at (978) 350-3903 or email us at  You can also visit us at our address at Timber Pros Tree Services
1 Main Street, Leominster, MA.

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