“Shoddy Science and Fear, to Medical Tyranny,” says Dr Harte

United States, California, Corte Madera – 04-22-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Corte Madera, CA: Dr. Don Harte, noted chiropractic activist, former Libertarian State Senate candidate, issues a dire warning against “medical tyranny,” in the guise of helping us through an “exaggerated crisis.”

Dr. Harte states, “The entire world is locked down, our social fabric shredded and our economies damaged to the extreme, because of the skillful manipulation of news of a new virus.” “This whole lockdown thing, according to Dr. Harte, “was predicated upon our own federal health agencies, along with the corrupt World Health Organization, declaring that we’d have 2.2 million deaths. The CDC, subsequently, pared it down to 200,000. Then, 60,000 to 150,000. The latest ‘tarot reading,’ out of the mouth of Saint Anthony (Fauci), is 50,000. The public health clowns have told us not to worry about Covid; then… worry! They told us we don’t need masks, then that masks were dangerous, and the latest, masks are necessary. But now, WHO says not to wear masks. This is science?”“It now appears,” says Dr. Harte, “that this Wuhan corona virus” is only as dangerous, or less so, than the seasonal flu. I refer to the recent studies at Stanford University, and USC.” He warns: “When you have bad science, shoddy epidemiology and power-hungry local and state politicians, we end up with a perfect storm of fear, leading directly, to political repression. In New Jersey, a woman organizing demonstrations to end the lock-down has been arrested, and Facebook is refusing to post organization of such protests, calling it ‘misinformation.’ Essentially, the message from the powers-that-be to us, the people, is ‘SHUT UP AND OBEY.’”“Manipulation of facts… gross exaggeration,” according to Dr. Harte, “seems to be the norm during this ‘crisis.’ Dr. Birx has admitted that those dying from other causes, who test positive for Covid-19, are classified as Covid deaths. Now various localities are adding ‘presumptive Covid cases.’ Dr. Harte adds, “Hospitals get several thousand dollars extra, in payment, when a patient is listed as having Covid-19, and many thousand more when a ventilator is used. Perhaps that is why they are over-used, damaging so many, needlessly.”Dr. Harte wants to be clear: “I am not claiming that Covid-19 is not a real pathogen, causing a real disease; I am saying that the danger has been vastly exaggerated, so that our society, our freedoms, barely exist now. There have been years of flu that have produced more hospitalization and more deaths, yet we had no lockdown. And now, we have our fascist duo, our pseudoscientists and our pseudo-leaders, telling us that when they free us, they will do it gradually, and life will never be the same. And we are supposed to be grateful.”“The dumbest part of this corrupted science,” states Dr. Harte, “is that ‘They’ are protecting you by ‘mitigating’ CONTACT. The implication is that if the virus touched you, you will get sick, and quite possibly, die. None of these alleged experts talk about how we should look to Health, in general, and to the strength of our own immune systems, specifically. My advice for this ‘crisis? Eat well, rest enough, manage and get and keep your nervous system free, which runs your immune system, through regular chiropractic care. Skeptical about this last nervous system/chiropractic part? Look to history! In the 1918 flu pandemic (a real pandemic), when 25 to 40 million people died, worldwide. People under medical care with that killer flu, one out of 15 died. Under chiropractic care, one out of 886.”Dr. Harte looks to the future, to the coming Covid-19 shot. “Some of these medical and political would-be dictators are saying that we cannot reopen society until we have that Covid-19 shot, and everyone is vaccinated. Well, if the flu shot worked, how come we have a ‘flu season’ every year? The coming vaccine, rushed, and with an extreme profit at stake, will likely be far less effective, and far more dangerous, than their longtime annual failure, the flu shot. ‘Demanding’ or ‘wishing’ is not science, and does not, automatically, produce the desired results.”Dr. Harte declares, “If all this, this Wuhan Virus crisis, was based on science, it would be, by and large, based upon fact, and things would be, by and large, workable. Back in the real pandemic, the 1918 flu pandemic, 25 to 40 million people died, worldwide, and over half a million in this country. People under medical care with that killer flu, one out of 15 died. Under chiropractic care, one out of 886. Who ya gonna call?”“Our lives have been shattered,” according to Dr. Harte, “by this medical tyranny… economically, socially, politically. Suicide hotlines are far too busy. The people are bored, scared and broke. The First Amendment is now under direct attack, not just in shutting down free speech and assembly, but also tampering with the guarantee against the establishment of a state religion. With all these restrictions, right in our faces and ON our faces… the forced masks, allegedly for our own good, we have now established Medicine as the state religion. In some areas, drones are in the sky, watching us, for social distancing. The mayors of NYC and L.A. have called upon their citizens to snitch on those who don’t obey, like the Nazis did.”  Dr. Harte asks you, “Had enough?”Dr. Don Harte, former medical student, is a principled, traditional chiropractor serving Marin and the Greater Bay Area since 1981. He is an activist in the struggle for free speech for chiropractors. Dr. Harte was named 2006 “Chiropractor of the Year” by the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA). He has served on the Boards of the WCA and the Council on Chiropractic Practice. His articles have been published in OMNI magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Independent Journal, North Bay Biz, Chiropractic Journal and Journal of the California Chiropractic Association.

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