Sun West Mortgage Company Hiring people and Helping Medical Front Line Workers

United States, New York, New York – 04-23-2020 ( — Sun West Mortgage Company lifts spirits in these difficult times.  

The company responded to recent events by providing its essential worker personal protection materials and, simultaneously, has provided the benefits historic low interest rates to thousands of families across the nation every month. But when Luis Raul Padilla Executive Vice President, Sun West Mortgage Company found out that his friends in the medical field were lacking the much-needed protective face shields he knew he had to pivot.  Knowing their need was far greater, he took Sun West’s inventory of protective face masks to Doctors and Nurses at a local hospital. Quickly other medical practices were calling him, and this is where Sun West’s CEO Pavan Agarwal lead another pivot. “Our business is about supporting our community. We decided that, instead of importing, we should fund a local small business to manufacture thousands of masks as quickly as possible. As such, Sun West’s investment additionally supported the community by promoting local, Made in Puerto Rico, manufacturing. Our goal is to provide a Sun West face shield to every Doctor and Nurse on the Island,” Pavan explained.  

But the story does not end there…Pavan and Sun West Mortgage Company are hiring, not laying off, workers. Sun West realized that its advanced proprietary technology could be leveraged to provide temporary employment to dozens of people who are now “locked down” at home.  Sun West designed a new workflow so that dozens temporary workers can be hired, work from home, and become immediately productive and add significant value to the loan origination process. Sun West is proud to provide new skills training and to introduce a new career to many people who had their incomes curtailed due to the shelter in place order. “Our business is built on people servicing their neighbors’ financial needs. Sun West has grown for the past forty years by betting on the human spirit, and these investments in our community are doing a lot of good and lifting spirits well into the future,” added Pavan.  

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