Esports pros will bring their game to the next level with Procend

Turkey, Istanbul – 04-24-2020 ( — The countdown has started. Procend, the worlds’ first esports training platform for pros and semi-pros, is about to launch. 

Esports is on an irresistible rise. Demands for the inclusion of esports in the Olympics increases, just like the industry’s economy. By the end of 2020, the global esports market size is expected to reach $5 billion. 

Statistics show that around 200 million people are interested in esports in the world and thousands of semi or pro esports teams globally join competitions. 


Procend will fill a big gap

As esports players become professional, their expectations increase. While some parts of the ecosystem grow according to the demand, certain problems and needs occurred. One of them is the inefficiency of tournament preparation regarding gameplay. We’ve already seen this may cause failure in the big tournaments. 

Procend, developed with long time veterans and managers from the ecosystem, aims to create fair and competitive matchmaking to eliminate these kinds of situations. Players can prepare their match schedules, create private scrim groups, and use live chat while competing with Procend. 

The platform, which allows all esports players to find new teams and teammates, also grants esports teams to access the players more efficiently. The matches scouted by organizations will be played without the risk of gaining or losing points, so competitive integrity will be ensured, players will get the opportunity to show all they got.


Three major features, developed for different needs

Quick Game mode, which uses machine learning to maximize the matchmaking efficiency, will be played by Diamond 4 or higher rank players. Players will create their custom lobby with a Discord code obtained from Procend. 

Offering the opportunity to play with any of the available players without restrictions, Custom Mode stands out as an attractive game mode, especially for influencers. The influencer will be able to play matches with his fans as they wish, organize a tournament if they wish, and interact with his audience more easily.

Scouting Grounds mode will be used by Procend approved coaches and scouts. Designed to be used by esports organizations, scouts will create lobbies by setting limitations such as rank or toxicity. Any eligible player will get a notification from Procend. Scouts will be able to watch players easily, observe their in-game communications and behavior.

Procend, offers revolutionary features not only esports pros but also every passionate League of Legends player, will be available in early May 2020.

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