Brandon Harris The Executive Chairman of Freedom Movement USA Calls For A National Day Of Protest May 2nd, 2020.

United States, Illinois, Joliet – 04-27-2020 ( — Brandon Harris, 30 of Joliet, IL as well as many Americans are becoming unsettled and down right furious with the government shutdowns and forced quarantine. Harris stated earlier today “The loss of lives due to Covid-19 is extremely saddening, yet the loss we will see over the coming months and years due to the shutdown will be 100x worse”. Brandon Harris hosted multiple protests in Illinois this Saturday, bringing people to the streets in favor of reopening businesses and putting Americans back to work. 

“We cannot continue to print money and inflate our dollar,” Harris stated. He went on to explain his thought process behind reopening the nation. “Of all the people tested, less than 1 in 5 actually have it. Less than 20%. We’re past the peak and we never exceeded medical capacity.

In both California and New York, the new tests, show more people have had then they thought.

It’s more deadly than the 1957 Hong Kong Flu and less deadly than the 1918 Spanish flu. This means that we as a people over years have seen much worse and yet never, how can we as American citizens allow our government to do just this and proceed without truly thinking through the consequences of their actions”


Freedom Movement USA a federal Super PAC run by Harris has offered to help Co host any open our state and or open our nation rally. He also went on to explain what has so sparked up about this issue “ first and foremost, this is an abuse of our constitutional rights” Secondly, he said “ I have lost 90% of my business revenue due to this I’ve laid off my workers and my family as many American families are stuck. We are in a long line for loans,we cannot receive a stimulus check or funding and were being told to sit and allow our business, homes and families suffer”

Harris amidst the pandemic came up with a solution for being out of work currently and his concept is a bit different than most. Harris launched a Go Fund Me with a plan of action on April 24th prior to his announcement of the 5/2 national Take Back America Day. “I have spent 11 months working to educate voters in my free time and we have taken to doing 100’s free social media training, gaining the youth and we have a proven track record” Harris stated speaking about the work his PAC Freedom Movement USA is doing with him as the lead. 

“Now in light of my current situation, I feel like I need to take this year and focus on elections. I want to put my skills into training people 9 – 90 on how to utilize social media and early voting”. Harris plans to raise $35,000.00 over the coming weeks in hopes with his lost season for his business that he can take the year to train Republican and conservatives across the nation on using social media to win key races. In 2019 Harris reached nearly 4 million people in 2 days after setting up national Walmart boycotts which were acknowledged by President Donald Trump and many press outlets including the Washington Post. Then in late fall and all the way until the shutdown Harris and his team held 246 Trump rallies across the nation, even doing over 100 on 02/29 gaining 13,000 volunteers for local party chairman across the nation.


“As our nation is in peril we are in need of a new way to win with the Republican Party. I want to educate both our young and old Republicans and conservatives so that we may have more tools at our disposal come November” Harris stated. “Our National Take Back America Protest is just 1 step in a large and focused plan” stated Harris. 

Please join Harris and others across the nation standing up against the government shutdowns and check out his donation page if you feel he is someone who can help our nation!


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