mClinica Pharmacy Solutions leads the charge against COVID-19 in Southeast Asia

Singapore, Singapore – 04-27-2020 ( — mClinica’s digital pharmacy platform; the largest in Southeast Asia with access to over 150 million patients across 7 countries is being used by leading public health actors including Ministries of Health in Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines, academic institutions like Johns Hopkins and global aid organizations like USAID to halt the increasing spread of COVID-19 cases in the region. mClinica is used by 1 in every 3 pharmacists in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. 


Singapore, 27 April 2020mClinica Pharmacy Solutions, a leading health tech and data analytics platform in Southeast Asia, is using its digital platform of 150,000-strong pharmacists and pharmacy frontliners to support governments and public health organizations in their fight against COVID-19. mClinica has been working aggressively since COVID-19 was first announced deploying its full resources to stem the tide; the team has provided much-needed digital tools for governments to conduct online research of COVID-19, to run digital awareness campaigns to its pharmacy network on prevention and screening, and to provide e-learning modules to prepare the pharmacists for the pandemic and inform them of the latest guidelines. mClinica’s integrated network is able to seamlessly administer pharmacy training, disseminate awareness & information campaigns, deliver digital discounts and adherence programs reaching over 150 million patients in need.

In many markets in Southeast Asia, pharmacies function as the primary care provider serving as an integral link and often replacing the relationship between a primary care physician and patient. Hospitals and clinics have been notoriously overloaded during this time and many citizens do not have adequate access to such facilities from rural locations or cannot handle the wait times to go to a hospital or clinic in the area. Given the current lockdown stage, pharmacies are one of the few shops that are permitted to remain open to the public. mClinica’s pharmacy network spans the region and is used by 1 in every 3 pharmacists in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia providing unprecedented reach and scale. For example, in Indonesia alone, it digitally connects over 70,000 pharmacy professionals, from 10,000 pharmacies across the entire country from the smallest village to the biggest city.

mClinica’s proprietary data analytics engine has uncovered some alarming developments in Indonesia. mClinica research indicates that 67% of pharmacists perceived that their community did not have sufficient access to reliable COVID-19 information and guidance.  In Indonesia, according to mClinica’s digital research on COVID-19, 83% of pharmacies reported that there was a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the pharmacy workforce and 80% revealed a lack of medication supply from distributors and wholesalers. It was in understanding these critical issues that mClinica made the decision to provide their technical expertise and step in. mClinica launched its pharmacy purchasing marketplace to distribute necessary medicines and supplies and provide the much needed support to local pharmacies through inventory access, digital credit financing and rapid logistics. This commitment from mClinica helped overcome the supply chain bottleneck in Indonesia, quickly establishing mClinica’s pharmacy marketplace at the forefront. mClinica’s growth in the pharmacy marketplace has been blistering and is now on track to achieve 100 Million USD in transaction volume in the next three quarters. Given this accelerated growth, mClinica has decided to open up its Series B financing round earlier than anticipated.

mClinica has also pledged its full capabilities to work with governments to assist them on improving their response to COVID-19 by leveraging the pharmacy channel. Government agencies are using mClinica’s data and analytics engine to conduct rapid digital research surveys in order to collect real-time information. This includes case load estimates, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage analysis, prevention practices, sources of information, as well as pharmacist and community sentiment and knowledge; all critical information levers necessary to prevent further spread of COVID-19. For example, in its recent digital research, mClinica found that 43% of pharmacists in the Philippines do not feel adequately prepared for COVID-19. Furthermore, 50% of patients visiting pharmacies in Indonesia during this time purchase medicines to treat fever or cold.  This suggests that the case load may be considerable and pharmacies are critical in helping to stem the rise of COVID-19 in the community.  This type of data helps innovative governments to get rapid data and insights to inform their public health strategies.

mClinica continues to be in discussions with the Ministries of Health and Pharmacy Associations of other Southeast Asian nations to best explore how they can help. Prior to the pandemic, mClinica Pharmacy Solutions had built long-standing relationships implementing a range of digital public health programs in the fields of Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Family Planning, and Maternal & Child Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization, USAID, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ‘We are harnessing our full capabilities and resources to lead in this fight against COVID-19, these are unprecedented times and it is our civic responsibility to take up the cause”, states Farouk Meralli, Founder and CEO of mClinica. 

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About mClinica Pharmacy Solutions

mClinica Pharmacy Solutions has created the largest pharmacy network in South East Asia by empowering pharmacies to be the centre of care.  mClinica’s Trade and Patient Solutions enable more than 150,000 pharmacy professionals, who interact with 150 million patients, to operate more efficiently and effectively. mClinica’s pharmacy marketplace is the leading digital solution for the pharmaceutical supply chain. This unique position allows mClinica to generate unparalleled pharmacy insights for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies, consumer health manufacturers, and the public sector who are now able to reach the fragmented pharmacy channel at an unprecedented scale.  mClinica’s easy-to-use, scalable and industry-compliant solutions generate positive social impact as they improve affordability for patients, increase access to medicines and treatment, and boost adherence. mClinica is the recipient of the World Government Summit Award, USAID-FHI360 Data for Resilience Award, a winner of the Pierre Fabre Foundation Prize for eHealth Innovation, and is powered by a specialised team and our solutions are available across 7 markets in Southeast Asia.

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