Students Ease Their Teachers’ Childcare Responsibilities through Innovative System

United States, Texas, Houston – 04-30-2020 ( — The Cost-Free Solution to Give Kids the Attention They Deserve

Houston, Texas: Student-Teacher was created by Henry Segal, a sophomore at The Kinkaid School. It is the cost-free solution to support teachers who are juggling the responsibilities of running their classes while simultaneously caring for young children. “I had noticed that many of my classes were constantly being interrupted by my teacher’s children,” said Henry Segal. By matching high school students with their teachers’ children, the teachers can give their attention to their classes while guaranteeing their children the attention they deserve.

“I had realized that if this program was working at my school, it would also greatly help other schools,” said Segal after the first twelve thirty-minute sessions.

Features and benefits of Student-Teacher include:

Teachers are now able to provide their undivided attention to their class.
The children of teachers are able to learn and engage based on their own interests.
The student volunteers get valuable experience by teaching and interacting with younger children.

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” – Aristotle

Student-Teacher is now available to implement into your own school as a cost free solution to the classroom turbulence caused by COVID-19. For more information on how to register your school, visit


About Student-Teacher: Student-Teacher is a service designed to support a school’s faculty by providing virtual engagement with their children. Faculty members may sign their children up for sessions, during which the kids will engage with a high school student (from the teachers’ school) over a video call. While these sessions could be used to help with any schoolwork, the student-teachers can undertake anything from reading a book to playing a game such as Simon Says. An art lesson, coding instruction, or simple exercises are also a possibility! Depending on the child’s needs, any form of activity or engagement can be requested. This service is designed for faculty children, ages 3-12; the children do not need to attend the teacher’s school to participate. Each session should be for half the amount of the host school’s periods (i.e. 30 minute sessions if the school has 60 minute periods). However, teachers can book as many sessions as they deem necessary.

At The Kinkaid School, the program launched on Monday, April 27, with 23 sessions booked for that week. This week the kid’s ages ranged from three to ten. Some sessions had multiple participants. Since Monday April 27, nearly 40 students at The Kinkaid School have officially registered as volunteers for the program.

The feedback from both the teachers and volunteers has been unanimously positive.

“This is so amazing!! Thank you so much for putting all of this together – what an awesome idea and a great resource for faculty.” – Kinkaid Teacher
“Through Student-Teacher I feel like I am able to really connect with the kids despite our distance and also grow as a person through teaching them.”- Bryan Akin, volunteer at The Kinkaid School

Student-Teacher is now offering this program to schools nation-wide by supplying all forms and informational letters so that they can launch the program as soon as possible. Student-Teacher is eager to help any school that thinks this program would benefit its community.

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