SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – 05-01-2020 ( — This March 4-10— 35,000 coaches across 140 countries to experience free webinars over 7 days, 24hours a day

Seattle (May 1, 2020) – Bill Gates opened his now viral TED Talk with; “Everyone needs a coach.” Gates, in just four words, revealed the key to high-performing organizations and people. In celebration of International Coaching Week, May 4-10, 2020, inviteCHANGE, a Washington State-based company that represents a subset of the 35,000 global International Coaches Federation (ICF) certified coaches, is hosting a series of 28 FREE WEBINARS OVER 7 DAYSThe interactive content aims to further build the skill sets of seasoned coaches, introduce aspiring coaches to the professional and global impact coaching can make— and share tools for industry professionals to successfully navigate the unknown, while they equip people and brands to do the same. The content from internationally accredited speakers will span 24 hours each day, more than 140 countries and impact more than 35,000 coaches and attendees.Sessions will be led by speakers based in international locales including: Uganda, Greece, Paris, China, Israel and Malaysia, to name a few. The United States is represented from The Heartland to The Panhandles, and everywhere in between.“We work with clients every day on the subjects of ‘who to BE,’ ‘what to CHOOSE,’ and ‘what to CAUSE’ for life, family, profession, and workplace culture,” says Janet M. Harvey, CEO of inviteCHANGE. “During International Coaching Week, we are excited to celebrate and support the coaches who do this great work, and we welcome new and aspiring coaches to discover a field that is reciprocal and generative.” International Coaching Week (ICW) is an annual global celebration of coaching’s power to positively impact individuals, organizations, communities and the world.inviteCHANGE’s ICWwebinar topics include:

  • – Be A Generative Team Coach
  • – Coaching and Climate Change 
  • – Demonstrating the Value of Coaching 
  • – Resilience During a Time of Change 
  • – Leadership Presence: Sustaining Connection To Our Authentic Selves 
  • – Connecting With Clients On Camera 
  • – Turn Your Coaching Business in to a Profitable Speaking Business 
  • – Personal Branding for New & Experienced Coaches 
  • – With Covid-19 -What’s possible NOW for your Coaching Business? 

 A highlight of this year’s ICW celebration, on May 6, 2020, inviteCHANGE will issue a challenge for coaches to “do good though coaching.” During this 24-hour period, every ICF coach, worldwide, is challenged to donate an hour of coaching to someone in their community on this inaugural International Coaching Day Celebration.Rounding out a power-packed International Coaching Week, inviteCHANGE adds even more value by offering ICW attendees early access to the 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Online Global Coaching Conference. An ideal next step after core coaching enrichment during ICW, the conference then equips these leaders and coaches to unlock the power of coaching to affect change on a global scale, specifically in the areas of cause-based action. They will be given tools to break past overwhelm at the magnitude of key global issues, learn how to remain profitable while ‘doing good,’ and will be afforded the opportunity to ‘raise their hands’ to lend their skillset and newly developed talents to effect change across the global causes of Climate Emergency, Healthy Communities and Human Trafficking— all during an unprecedented three-day virtual summit led by international thought leaders and marquee-level speakers, hosted this fall. – For more information on inviteCHANGE’s International Coaching Week webinar schedule, or to participate in the free, global celebration, please visit:– For more information about the 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Online Global Coaching Conference, visit: The International Coaching Week early-action code is ICW20 for 20% off.
ABOUT inviteCHANGE Founded in 1997 by CEO Janet M. Harvey, recognized industry champion, inviteCHANGE (iC) has delivered generative learning and coaching experiences for leaders on a local, national and global scale. Being generative is the dynamic capacity to originate, create, learn and produce results. iC leaders were bold champions for coaching from the beginning, as coaching emerged in the early 90’s as a distinct field of practice in North America. iC contributed thousands of volunteer hours to clarify and articulate the standards for effective coaching practice, as well as approaches for curriculum, to ensure industry consistency and excellence while supporting the unique artfulness of each coach trained. iC sustains its roots today as volunteer leaders for the International Coaching Federation by being practicing ICF Credentialed Member coaches, Certified Mentor Coaches and Delivery Leaders offering innovations for coaching training, advanced coaching development, coaching services and the application of coaching in organizational settings. iC has trained thousands of individuals to become professional, credentialed coaches and to apply a coach-approach as leaders in organizations. ABOUT JANET M. HARVEY Janet M. Harvey is a coach, author, educator and speaker who invites people to “be the cause of the life that most matters.” An International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach and CEO of inviteCHANGE, a success-culture building coaching organization for companies, Janet has trained leaders at Fortune 500 companies, across six continents, for nearly 25 years. Janet M. Harvey uses her executive and entrepreneurial experience to cultivate leaders in sustainable excellence through Generative Wholeness™ , a signature generative coaching and learning process for people, processes and systems. Janet is also an ICF Global Past President, Certified Mentor Coach and Accredited Coaching Supervisor. ABOUT INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK Hosted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), International Coaching Week is an annual celebration of the power and impact of professional coaching. From May 4–10, 2020, ICF Members from around the world are invited to celebrate coaching’s power to positively impact individuals, organizations, communities and the world.ABOUT THE 2020 BE. CHOOSE. CAUSE. ONLINE GLOBAL COACHING CONFERENCE The 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Online Global Coaching Conference is a virtual summit designed to: equip leaders and coaches with the tools to be philanthropic yet remain profitable, align specific causes with their expertise for greatest impact, teach competencies for leaders interested in cause work, and form an ecosystem for ongoing conversation and success tracking, year to year.

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