Sweden’s Corona Virus stance makes it the hottest country in Hollywood for filming

United States, California, Burbank – 05-05-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Whilst television studios worldwide are closed for the foreseeable future due to Covid 19, Sweden is one country that is still open for business. This has attracted a lot of interest from high profile Hollywood directors and producers who want to keep their deadlines and can do that by filming their internal scenes on studio sound stages in Sweden.

This week, well known Hollywood producer and financier, Pat Andrew, who normally films in Spain and the UK was seen at Independent Studios in Stockholm meeting with owner and MD, Janne Lundgren. Andrew, former Aaron Spelling executive and former assistant to Hollywood icon, Sydney Korshak, who worked on shows such as Melrose Place and Burn Notice, is attempting to bring the film crew for a new production “Corruption of Justice” to Stockholm, Sweden. The show is an adaptation of the work of talented, best-selling Amazon novelist, George Van Mellaert. The novel based is on his own life and follows his career as a young and talented lawyer at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Mellaert represents a wealthy diamond corporation that is really a cover for a foreign intelligence agency, unbeknownst to our protagonist, who finds himself caught in the middle of warring nations involved in clandestine activities.According to Pat Andrew, executive producer of Wanda Halcyon Television, “Corruption of Justice” will  be a fantastic political thriller and an intriguing story about how the state corrupts the legal integrity of an honest young lawyer who is trapped in a world that defies everything he has been taught to believe”. Andrew also asserts that it will be a story that combines aspects of ‘True Detective’ and ‘The Firm’- crime drama and political intrigue. Andrew hopes to move the production to Independent Studios in Stockholm in May

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