Upholding Individual Rights Amidst Social Upheaval – New Memoir Reflects on the Challenges of Individualism in a Closed Society!

United States, California, Santa Barbara – 05-08-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — “Like the Wind I Go” is a story of hope and perseverance in a quest for preserving individual rights. Santa Barbra, California- young Iranian man’s dilemma in choosing between ancient traditions or infused Western values is the subject of a new memoir Like the Wind I Go by Vahid Imani. The year is 1978 and the seductive promise of a future filled with liberty in the U.S. boils strong in the narrator’s blood. However, the unpredictability of a revolution and battles among age-old traditions, an oppressive regime and much advertised promise of freedom in the West present unprecedent challenges. 

The memoir reads like a thriller, as it is a true personal account detailing the upheaval that changed every fiber of Iranian society as it gasped for a life away from tyranny. Like the Wind I Go is a feast of cultural, historical, and political anecdotes that renders some answers to the myriad questions from Westerners about what went wrong in Iran in 1978. “Depictions of politically-fueled violence and civil unrest adhere to the greatest accuracy when related by a person subjected to upheaval, such as the stress-inducing environment during the Islamic Revolution. This firsthand interpretation of the religious and governmental transition that took place until the Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979 offers a distinctive angle and haunting imagery,” wrote The BookLife Prize review. Given today’s danger of potential conflict between the United State and Iran, this memoir becomes more relevant in understanding the root cause of the discord. “Author Vahid Imani delivers a striking, heartfelt and thorough portrait of life in Iran in the late 1970s in his memoir Like the Wind I Go,” wrote Self-Publishing Review. “As we all have experienced during this COVID-19 pandemic, any disaster, naturally or politically induced, imposes suffering and sacrifices,” Imani explains. “Like the Wind I Go examines the role of hope, and perseverance in keeping and/or attaining our individual rights during such a time.” Like the Wind I Go introduces a cast of colorful characters that take the reader on a journey deep into their diverse culture, history and way of life. Like the Wind I Go is published by Stormtop Publishing and is available anywhere good books are sold. More information is available at www.LikeTheWindIGo.com
About the Author: Vahid Imani was born in Tehran, Iran, and made the United States his home in 1979. He earned his master’s degree in 1980 from Gonzaga University’s School of Business in Spokane, Washington. At the turn of the century, he transitioned to the world of fine arts after a career in high-tech as a business executive. His opinions and insights about the arts, history, and international politics have been shared in articles, public lectures, and mass media. In 2014, he debuted as an author with his award-winning middle-grade novel Naji and the Mystery of the Dig. In 2019 he published his historical fiction In the Shadow of the Kingmakers. Imani is the father of three children, grandfather of three, and lives with his wife in California. Note to Editors: A press kit and interviews are available upon request. Please contact Stormtop Publishing at [email protected].

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