LearnEASE, LLC Launches Speak to Inspire 5-Day Workshop Online Live Event, May 11-15, 2020

United States, Oregon, Eagle Point – 05-10-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Eagle Point, OR – May 4, 2020 – LearnEASE, LLC today announces the next major offering from its Diahana Barnes Consulting Division with a 5-day workshop, May 11-15, 2020. This event will be an online live Speak to Inspire Method™ series. Attendees will learn an inspiring way to enroll clients and share expertise from their zone of genius without the offputting sales-y tactics.

Diahana asks clients to, “imagine a room (virtual or in-person) filled with your raving fans, your exact dream clients, who are hanging on your every word, feverishly taking notes, and then coming up to you afterward…asking YOU, ‘how can we work together?’”The Speak to Inspire Method™is a cutting-edge communication framework that helps speakers voice their vision in a powerful and memorable way; and a tactical approach to standing out as an industry leader. This technique inspires dream clients to sign-up and become a loyal audience. The workshop stresses the importance of “ditching the pitch” in order to be deeply authentic and therefore a more compelling speaker.  Workshop sessions will include the four (4) critical stages, creating your structure, inspiring transformation, and the six (6) core skills of a visionary leader. The last session will be a private zoom meeting to strategize on implementation. Diahana Barnes is an award-winning trainer, speaker, and Executive Success Strategist with over 23 years of experience. As a mom, former corporate woman, and entrepreneur, she built her own successful online business after leaving a demanding corporate job leading a $40M sales team. She’s worked with Fortune 500 executives on their keynotes, been personally trained by executive coaches, and educated hundreds on how to present online. Diahana is an industry expert with a deep desire to give back. Her unique, experience-based methods emphasize utilizing heartfelt communication to transform lives while translating into increased sales and real revenue gains.Participants who want to register for the workshop can visit: https://www.diahanabarnes.com/speaktoinspiremethod About LearnEASE, LLC and the Diahana Barnes Consulting DivisionBased in Eagle Point, Oregon, LearnEASE, LLC is a diversely talented team that delivers a variety of online solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). For over 10 years, the Diahana Barnes Consulting Division of LearnEASE, LLC has developed forward-thinking communication strategies to grow businesses, big and small. Diahana Barnes Consulting offers individuals the opportunity to explore speaking approaches that inspire, create momentum, and drive results.For more information, please visit https://www.diahanabarnes.com/.

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