Essential workers benefit from disinfectant donation

United States, New York, Syracuse – 05-12-2020 ( — Essential workers all over the country, including those specializing in senior care, have been diligently reporting to work, equipped with personal protective equipment. But, on top of the traditional masks and gloves, one senior living provider is upping the ante to help keep its employees safe. Hearth Management, a senior living company with 15 assisted living and memory care communities across New York, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tennessee, is offering electrochemically-activated cleaning and sanitizing solutions to its employees free of charge.  

PureSan, which is produced by Viking Pure Solutions, a company specializing in equipment that produces green, and powerful sanitizing and  cleaning solutions, uses electrolyzed water to dramatically reduce all harmful bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Its equipment is registered with the EPA and has demonstrated efficacy against viruses similar to COVID-19. “Viking Pure’s system has worked wonders for our team members’ peace of mind” said Christy LeClair, Hearth Management’s Vice President of Human Resources. “Since the solution is completely non-toxic, we can spray our employees with it when they leave our buildings, for an added layer of security when they return home to their families. We’ve also sent spray bottles full of the solution home with employees, at no cost to them, so they can use it while they’re not at work.” The solution, which has a shelf life of 30 days, has gotten rave reviews from Hearth’s residents and employees alike. “Our staff appreciate and enjoy bringing cleaner home so that their families remain safe,” said Grant Burnside, one of The Hearth’s Directors of Community Relations near Nashville, Tennessee. “In fact, it’s so easy to use, and works so well, that a lot of our team members have been using it to clean their own homes.” “I feel this product has given me peace of mind, comfort, and a sense of security in the work place and at home,” added Skip Collins, Hearth Management’s Ambassador.  “The company has gone above and beyond to ensure our safety, and make our loved ones understand our commitment to our residents and to The Hearth.”   Since introducing Viking Pure’s disinfectant systems less than one month ago, Hearth communities have produced over 9,800 gallons of free, non-toxic cleaning solution for their residents and staff. To learn how you can obtain a complimentary bottle of Viking Pure disinfectant, contact a Hearth community near you. For more information on Hearth Management’s partnership with Viking Pure Solutions, visit

About The Hearth 
Hearth Management is a privately owned and operated management and development company based in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1988, Hearth Management specializes in Independent Living, Assisted/Enriched Living, and Memory Care. Currently, Hearth Management’s operates 15 communities throughout New York, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tennessee.

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