‘Hero’ Redefined by COVID-19 in a Commercial and Campaign Supported by National Association of Broadcasters

United States, Michigan – 05-12-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — National Campaign by Awareness Ties Honors & Awards Heroes of the Pandemic

May 12, 2020 – Owosso, MI – With the support of the National Association of Broadcasters, the thirty second commercial entitled ‘Make Them Known’ (www.awarenessties.us/make-them-known) is being aired on networks across the country with an invitation for the general public to nominate everyday heroes of the coronavirus pandemic to have their stories told in ‘The Hero Edition’ of the Awareness Ties™ monthly magazine, AwareNow, before an audience of over 16+ million readers. The publication is distributed online in partnership with Issuu™, the world’s largest digital publisher. 


“At its core, Issuu seeks to connect people everywhere with meaningful content… We are honored to be Awareness Ties’ exclusive distribution partner in helping tell its story, while also bringing attention to these very important causes on a global scale,” said Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu.


‘The Hero Edition’ will showcase the stories of selected heroes from those nominated. These stories from the front line will consist of rich, interactive content in the form of exclusive videos, photos, articles and interviews. Heroes in this publication will be recipients of ‘The Hero Award’ in recognition for their service and sacrifice.


“When I spoke to Jack and Allié about Awareness Ties and ‘The Hero Edition/Awards’, I knew how much this was needed in America as a way to recognize those individuals who had gone above and beyond during this pandemic,” said Andrew Givens, Account Executive and Special Project Manager at Marshall Broadcasting Group. “…the NAB management team agreed that it was a great initiative that should have the opportunity to receive national exposure.”?


Personal stories of healthcare workers will be told in words of their own, from Dr. Dela Taghipour, a physician for the ABC News Medical Unit in New York, to Jason ‘TikTok Doc’ Campbell, a resident doctor who inspires inclusion in medicine with his viral TikTok dance videos in Portland. The stories of other everyday heroes will also be featured, from Katie Scott, a Trader Joe’s grocery clerk who shares video footage of her commutes on empty trains and silent subways as her ‘new normal’ in New York to Casey Smith, a Walmart employee who works overtime to support his family in Aurora, Colorado.

In addition, the heroic efforts of companies will also be recognized. For example, the powerful story of Flex Seal® will be told, as CEO Phil Swift was interviewed and shares how they are using their product to not only save lives with the production and distribution of Intubation Boxes to hospitals around the country but also to secure hospital tents in New York as well.


“With so many nominations of so many going above and beyond, it became clear that one edition dedicated to heroes will not be enough. That said, we will continue to accept nominations and will publish a series of volumes to recognize more and more of our everyday heroes,” said Jack McGuire, Co-Founder of Awareness Ties.


The first volume will be released on May 19th and will feature 19 heroes, in recognition of the fight against COVID-19. Additional volumes will follow. Nominations for heroes can be submitted online: www.awarenessties.us/heroes. Corporations with interest in sponsoring ‘The Hero Awards’ can contact Allié McGuire ([email protected]).

Awareness Ties™, as the ‘Official Symbol of Support for Causes’, is changing the way causes are supported with a tie that serves as a symbol to raise both awareness and funds for nonprofits. As a social-impact platform, we are creating a global movement to elevate awareness for causes and provide sustainable resources to accelerate social change. We serve as a light in the dark. More information can be found at: www.awarenessties.us

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