Ultra-Endurance Athlete, Michael McKnight Runs 100 Miles on Zero Calories

United States, Utah, Salt Lake City – 05-15-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Cache Valley, UTAH — On May 8, Kogalla athlete and ultrarunner Michael McKnight completed 100-miles on zero calories

The accomplished ultrarunner who recently won the Triple Crown of 200’s, breaking course records in each of the three 200-mile courses, is used to pushing the limits. And as a fat-adapted athlete, having adopted a keto lifestyle that has him fasting for up to 18 consecutive hours a day, McKnight wondered if he could run 100 miles during that fasting period. 

“I’ve had quite a few people tell me they didn’t feel it was humanly possible to run 100 miles without consuming calories.” McKnight continued, “To be honest, I was pretty skeptical myself.” 

With COVID-19 and social distancing cancelling all his racing plans, McKnight decided it was the perfect time to test things out. He picked a route from his home in Smithfield, Utah taking him past familiar places including the home he grew up in, and then back home to his wife and kids. 

100 miles, 18 hours 40 minutes — and zero calories later, McKnight reached his goal with energy to spare. “I’m pleased and frankly blown away at how uneventful [the run] was. Aside from the typical sore and tired legs you experience in an ultra, everything was smooth sailing.” 

 Kogalla co-founder and CEO Rob Urry who followed McKnight through 240 miles of the Utah desert as part of a video crew wasn’t surprised. “After seeing him complete the Moab 240 with few calories and virtually no sleep, I knew if anyone could do it, he could.” Urry added, “Not only is Mike an awe-inspiring athlete, he is a genuinely good person. We are grateful to be associated with him.” 

“Ultrarunning is by nature, a sport for people to understand their own limitations,” McKnight concluded, “Every new thing at one time is considered crazy or stupid. This was a risk, but I did my own assessment of that risk, and prepared to face it.” 

And face it, he did.

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