Name Expert Sharón Lynn Wyeth Analyzes X Æ A-12 Musk and Remdesivir

United States, Georgia, Atlanta – 03-22-2020 ( — Do our names define us? In more ways than you can imagine says name expert.

International name expert Sharón Lynn Wyeth is the Founder and Creator of Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after 15 years of research followed by 3 years of testing in over 70 countries.  Each letter in a name holds a key to unlock the true essence of that name. 

“Your name reveals everything from the boardroom to the bedroom. Did your parents know what they were doing when they named you?  How will a highly unique name like X Æ A-12 Musk affect a child?” asked Wyeth. 

“X Æ A-12 shall be a world class mediator.  The name indicates that brain hemisphere synchronization will be a frequent natural occurrence. The newborn baby will be able to think just as quickly on his feet as his famous dad @elonmusk and @Grimezes. It is likely the child will outshine both parents in creativity.”  

Wyeth analyzed ‘Coronavirus’ on Coast to Coast Radio in April 2020.  She said that creative names for new therapeutic drugs and vaccines are critical.

“Creating names for new business, new products and brand management is essential for success,” shares Wyeth.  “For example, Gilead leads in successful pharmaceutical creations.  Their drugs balance both heart and head. Remdesivir, the name given to the Gilead new coronavirus drug, is both attractive and memorable. Its creative name suggests big expectations according to Neimology Science.” 

Wyeth states, “Choosing the right name can mean the difference between profit and loss.  Did Moderna know what it was doing when it named its new vaccine mRNA-1273? A Neimology analysis of that name – mRNA-1273 – warns people not to take the vaccine. Moderna might benefit by renaming the vaccine candidate drug if it becomes FDA approved for wide distribution.” 

ABOUT Sharón Lynn Wyeth 
Wyeth is the author of bestsellers Know the Name; Know the Person and Know the Name; Know the Spirit plus her latest best-selling book Know the Name; Know How to Connect. (@meaningofnames)

Wyeth has been a media expert on numerous broadcasts on NBC, Fox, CBS, & ABC affiliates. Wyeth has also been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows and networks. 

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