The State of Digital Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19 Lockdown

United States, Colorado – 05-21-2020 ( — Business owner Skyler Malley ramps up digital efforts as companies struggle to quickly adopt digital marketing during state lockdowns.

Denver, CO — Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, more businesses are turning to digital marketing strategies to gain or maintain a stronghold of their brand momentum. With so much uncertainty, marketing may be a defining factor in whether businesses survive the pandemic. 

With retail locations closed and events canceled during state and city-wide shutdowns, there’s an increasing reliance on businesses to mitigate their losses through their online efforts. 

With more time in the home, reduced workloads, and a decrease in mobility, many business owners are using this time to explore growth opportunities and embrace a new kind of transformation. Skyler Malley, CEO of Firestarter SEO in Denver, saw this as a chance to ramp up rather than retreat. Malley used this downtime to step up, pivot his marketing strategy, and redesign his website to attract new leads. 

“Times of uncertainty presents opportunities, opportunities to grow, innovate and lead. As a team we decided to pour the gas on our marketing efforts rather than scaling back. We accomplished a lot in the past month, launched a new website, improved sales process and brought on new clients.”

As a B2B company, it’s important for business owners like Malley to continue building customer relations. B2B businesses face unique conundrums; if small businesses are struggling to stay afloat in today’s commerce climate, the client pool becomes increasingly smaller. Malley also hoped to set an example for small businesses who should be re-evaluating their marketing budgets rather than decimating it. 

According to eMarketer survey results, B2B marketers are planning to reallocate event budgets to focus on content creation primarily, followed by webinars, search advertising, social media, and SEO.  Now is the best time for marketers to pick up on consumer behavior changes and reflect current happenings in their strategies. Even B2C companies can pick up on increased spend in certain categories. For instance, in a GlobalWebIndex survey, 32% of respondents stated that they planned to spend more money on hobbies and extracurriculars than usual. Daily ad spend on Amazon increased dramatically in the hobbyist sector, according to data from tech provider Pacvue.

This is a pattern that continues in the business world as companies clamor to remain relevant in a shutdown world. The digital marketing arena and the companies that spearhead digital marketing services are not being nearly as affected as some other industries and in fact, the opposite may be true as business owners ramp up their marketing efforts. Content marketing, search engine optimization, and influencer campaigns remain key focal points for small businesses that strive to grow during slow periods. 

“We’re finding influencer outreach to be more effective than ever before. The budgets for content marketing have come down a bit but we are also seeing that influencers are not demanding such high premiums either”, says Tony Newton, founder and CEO of, a marketplace for influencers and brands to connect. 

Businesses that are struggling with digital growth or who have historically relied on word of mouth sales find themselves in weakened positions. Without a digital foundation, they are forced to re-evaluate their channels. This puts increasing pressure on adaptability; businesses who can successfully transition to remote and build up their digital presence are more likely to survive extended periods of quarantine and temporary profit losses. 

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Skyler Malley has been an SEO Specialist for Firestarter Search Engine Optimization since founding it in 2009. He started his own business after years of success of building web sites and performing SEO for small local businesses during his education. Malley’s main goal has always been to help businesses to “Be Found” when it comes to their search rankings on the Internet. He has done just that by increasing rankings for every client for thousands of keywords.

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