Plant Stem Cell-Based Psoriasis Treatment Debuts in the U.S

HOUSTON, TX – 05-28-2020 ( — Following its successful launch in Australia, Comizla, a plant stem-cell-based psoriasis treatment, is now available for over-the-counter (OTC) use in the U.S.

The more than eight million Americans living with psoriasis will now have access to Comizla Biomedical Lab’s new aloe vera-based OTC treatment. With a unique formulation that utilizes the life-giving power of stem cells, this new-to-market cream is significantly different from treatments that came before.The steroid-free product’s effectiveness has proven to be astounding, with an in-depth study into the formulation producing positive results in Australia. Assistant professor of dermatology at the Sydney College of Medicine, Regina Matthews, M.D., took part in the study. “The results have been excellent,” he said. “We believe it’s the plant stem cells that make the biggest difference in treating this chronic skin condition.”During the 90-day study period, participants applied the cream twice daily in conjunction with a special bubble bath treatment three times a week. Following the trial, almost three in four patients noted a reduction in redness and an improvement in skin texture. Further, 69.7 percent experienced less irritation and discomfort in the affected areas.Patients did not report any adverse effects throughout the study. Researchers concluded that Comizla cream was, in the majority of cases, well-tolerated, safe, and effective for those two years and older with psoriasis.Australians have used the Comizla treatment since 2017. Three years later, the cream has passed its final approval check and now is soon to hit the American and Canadian markets.According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, millions of Americans live with psoriasis. The dedicated team behind the new Comizla cream has been motivated to get their products onto shelves and into the hands of those that need it.“It’s been a long journey,” said David Trott, Comizla Lab’s head of North American Commercial. “The team here at Comizla are thrilled to know our hard work has paid off. We are finally able to help those struggling with atopic dermatitis in the U.S.”David stressed how the technology behind the new treatment differs from other products. Unlike its competitors, Comizla cream targets skin conditions on the cellular level. It helps to eliminate active breakouts and prevent future flareups.“Most people see real results within just one day,” he said. “Many experience total relief and comfort in 48 to 72 hours.”The cream can now be purchased by patients through Comizla’s website, just in time for the warmer weather.“The timing couldn’t be better,” David said. “Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. Those that experience flareups during hot, humid conditions now have a reliable solution that’ll stop breakouts dead in their tracks.”To support the product’s rollout, Comizla is offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee for all patients and access to Comizla’s skincare experts, who are on standby and ready to answer questions and provide guidance.About Comizla Biomedical LabComizla Biomedical Lab engineers botanical skincare products that offer natural solutions for chronic skin conditions like psoriasis. Their nature-based products are backed by extensive scientific research into the benefits of traditional plant-sourced remedies. All skincare treatments are subject to dozens of clinical trials before Comizla Biomedical Lab offers them to dermatologists for final approval. Every product is manufactured in a company-owned ISO 9001 and ISO 12485-certified facility using a leading extraction technique that maximizes potency and guarantees the quality of every batch. Positive testimonials from consumers and dermatologists speak for themselves – Comizla products demonstrate the power of botanical skincare.

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