While the World Focuses on Covid-19, Unchecked Health Hazards Remain a Serious Issue (Unscooped Dog Waste is an Epidemic Already Here)

United States, Tennessee, Knoxville – 05-28-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Knoxville, TN—May 28, 2020— The current pandemic is not the only human health crisis we could face. Billions of pounds of waste hold the potential to dramatically affect our environment, health, and economy, that is dog waste. Four out of every 10 dog owners do not pick up and when you compare that to the current U.S. dog population of 90 million, that is a lot of poop.  

“Americans love their dogs and so do we. In the past 10 years, our country has seen an ownership increase of 25 million dogs. During Covid-19 dog rescue adoptions have reached all-time highs. We are pet advocates. We know that owners want to enjoy life and experiences with their pets but, an increase in unscooped waste threatens that,” said J Retinger, CEO, BioPet Laboratories. Dog waste causes viruses, bacteria, parasites, pathogens and is a known contributor to allergies. Dog waste has contributed to water pollution. With this correlated increase in unscooped waste,  there is little question that dog poop is an epidemic that is already here. 

The impact of dog poop is undeniable…

  • Dogs produce a staggering 21.2 billion pounds per year
  • One gram of dog poop holds over 23 million E-coli bacteria
  • Unscooped poop has caused closings of dog parks, beaches, shell fishing and aquatic resources
  • Not just a ground hazard, dog poop generates millions of airborne pathogens
  • Careless pet ownership is causing environmental, health and economic destruction 

“BioPet Laboratories has been dedicated to eliminating the unscooped dog waste crisis by providing a DNA accountability solution through our “PooPrints” waste management system” continued Retinger. “Now we are sounding the alarm about the problem by launching a new public awareness campaign. This campaign is geared to be the foundation of a new social movement by simply picking up.” PooPrints’ campaign is anchored by an informational video and other materials being offered as a public service to cities, counties, community health organizations and other organizations that share our commitment to preserving our public health by stopping the dog poop epidemic brought on by irresponsible dog owners. 

For information about PooPrints’ “Stop. Pickup. Protect.” initiative go to PooPrints.com/dogwastehazard


About BioPet Laboratories & PooPrints®

BioPet Laboratories is an international biotechnology company specializing in animal genetics, and the parent company of the PooPrints program. The company’s full-service ISO accredited laboratory provides comprehensive DNA analysis, reporting, research, and product development. BioPet’s mission is to protect the environment, expand public access for dogs, and promote responsible dog ownership. For more information about BioPet Laboratories, or its DNA-based pet products, contact us at PooPrints.com or call (866) 883-7389.

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