Got 1’s 6 Provides Masks for America During Global Shortage

United States, Texas, Houston – 06-02-2020 ( — Got 1’s 6 is a veteran and military family owned and operated company that specializes in custom athletic apparel and sports uniforms. Got 1’s 6 is military slang for “got your back.”

When the novel COVID-19 virus struck, Got 1’s 6 began producing custom face masks for adults and children. They offer high quality, double-layered nylon masks in packs of 5 for $10 with free shipping, which is surprisingly affordable. The brand also believes in giving back, and donates masks to first responders and healthcare heroes. 10 masks are donated for every $100 purchase made on or their sister company, PureManaCBD.comA Faceless EnemyThe Coronavirus changed our world in countless ways. One of its effects was a massive, global demand for medical supplies and face masks that were in most places required for both civilian and professional use. Many suppliers took advantage of the crisis and global shortage and increased their prices, sometimes up to ten times the pre-COVID-19 value. Prices of both medical grade and simple cloth face masks skyrocketed to unreasonable extremes. In some cases, price gouging was due to actual shortages of both the products and the materials used to make them. In other cases, it’s due to pure greed.This phenomenon forced healthcare facilities, businesses, and essential workers to do their difficult, exhausting jobs while paying a ridiculous amount for the protection they so desperately needed to ensure public health and safety. In many cases, it also forced them to go without protective gear, or to reuse them far past the point these disposable supplies are intended to be used. Got 1’s 6: We Got Your BackGot 1’s 6’s fair prices and outstanding quality was recognized by their customers, as well as healthcare facilities, first responders, and businesses of all sizes who were unable to access masks or could not find them at a reasonable price. The demand was so great for Got 1’s 6 masks, and so many healthcare professionals were in need, that Got 1’s 6 began sourcing surgical Masks, including KN95 Surgical Masks, which the FDA authorized for medical use due to the shortage of N95 surgical masks. Got 1’s 6 has now expanded their PPE (personal protective equipment) offerings to medical grade gowns, gloves, thermometers, face shields, shoe coverings, hand sanitizer, and more, filling the massive need our country’s healthcare heroes have for this equipment. Instead of exploiting the public’s fear and desperation, Got 1’s 6 rallied around their brand’s philosophy of “having each other’s back” and committing to fair, honest business practices. The brand has pledged to continue providing quality masks and PPE at a fair price, regardless of what the market or their competitors do. By providing these essential supplies during a time when many people can’t easily get the protection they need, the brand is supporting American communities, first responders, and healthcare professionals during this crisis. Donating Masks to America’s HeroesOn top of their fair price pledge, Got 1’s 6 is also donating 10 face masks for every $100 purchase on their website. These donations are sent to healthcare facilities and first responders, and their customers can even nominate a facility or station in need when they make a purchase on the company’s website. Got 1’s 6 sees these donations as part of their responsibility to help provide reinforcements to the collective fight against the virus. This act of giving back and actively supporting our communities has inspired their customers, and even competitors, to join them in supporting our nation’s frontline heroes. “Countless brave men and women have courageously fought this virus and sacrificed their own health, safety, and personal lives to protect and serve us. The least we can do is show them our support and do what we can to supply the equipment they need” said Ryno Brandt, the company’s CEO and 16-year Unites States Marine Corps VeteranWhat Is Got 1’s 6?Got 1’s 6 (got one’s six) specializes in stylish, high performance athletic clothing and custom sports uniforms. The brand is owned and operated by military veterans and families who recognized the need for a quality, honest supplier in the custom uniforms industry. Sports and athletics are healthy outlets for many individuals, and the Military and veteran communities find community and a sense of belonging in fitness and team sports.In military terminology, 12 o’clock is the position directly in front of a soldier, and 6 o’clock is right behind them. To ‘have someone’s 6’ is a way of saying you have them covered so no one can sneak up behind and hurt them.Got 1’s 6 is military slang for “got your back,” and the brand’s core values are based on this promise to their customers. Their founding philosophy stems from their military days: if a soldier on a battlefield sees a fellow soldier in danger, they won’t hesitate to sacrifice their own safety, and sometimes even their life, to save their brother or sister-in-arms.Got 1’s 6 believes in treating their team and customers like their family-in-arms. This is especially poignant in a world at war with an invisible, deadly enemy.Check out the Got 1’s 6 website and their custom mask designs.

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