Norvergence LLC is manufacturing Low-cost & High-Quality Face Masks and Sanitizers for the Americans

United States, New Jersey, Guttenberg – 06-05-2020 ( — The United States of America– Norvergence LLC, an environmental NGO has announced that it will manufacture low-cost face masks and sanitizers for the Americans. The first batch will be out in the market before the end of July.

Also, they have confirmed that the NGO is not taking any kind of donation at this time and people should not transact money to any group or individual with the name of Norvergence. George Stacey, CEO, and author of Norvergence LLC released a press statement: “Many people are trying to make money by using our NGO name. We want to clarify that for the undefined period, we have stopped taking any donation.”“On the other hand, we are in the production stage when it comes to face-mask and hand sanitizer. We are trying to do as much as we can. In a matter of months, we will go from zero to making about 1 million face masks. This might go up to 10 or 80 million.”Stacey also explained about Norvergence mask testing strategies:

  • “We do all the testing whether it is fluid resistance, breath ability, flammability, bacterial filtration, and particulate filtration.”
  • “Also, the cost will be very low compared to other companies/brands in the market. We are not earning any profit out of it. It’s just for the Americans, by the Americans.”

Right now, the organization is not planning to supply it to the country. However, some of their NGO-partners from Canada and the UK are already requesting it. George Stacey added: “As I said, this initiative is for Americans. But, yes as our NGO has various offices in India, we can supply there, but not this year. Our NGO-partners are asking for it too, but again, anything is not decided yet.” 
About Norvergence LLC:Founded in 2019, Norvergence LLC is an NGO that is working hard for the preservation of nature across the globe. Apart from it, the organization is very much involved in protecting indigenous people’s rights. Currently, they are helping people affected by Coronavirus in different ways.Follow Norvergence on Twitter, you may like us Facebook as well. Visit to know more about us.

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