Glyde: A Contactless Dining Experience

United States, New Jersey, Newark – 06-10-2020 ( — As the world is trying to make strides to return to a new form of “normal,” we as humans must find ways to adjust and adapt to our given environment. From the way we socialize, to the way we shop and work, everything will have to take on a new form. Our vision with Glyde is to enable restaurants to get back on their feet and serve their consumers in a manner that is appropriate to the new world we will have to live in for the coming time and on.

Glyde is our platform that will offer a contactless dining experience that will also automate the ordering and payment process within various food establishments. Users will be able to walk into a given restaurant, and avoid having to make any form of a contact with a waiter/waitress, and also avoid touching menus (of which carry a bacteria count of 185,000 per square centimeter) or kiosks to order and pay for their food. Customers will be able to stay seated, scan the QR code at their given table, and order/pay for their food through Glyde, and allow it to just come their way.

In our day and age, everything is going towards a digital era, and more than ever will we have to depend on such solutions to maneuver this pandemic. With the already established kiosks and table top servers in restaurants, the movement to automate the ordering process within dining establishments has already taken strides. With this setup, however, we feel it can not only be done more efficiently through a mobile solution, but also make it a more sanitary option.

Our team at Glyde formed off the basis of a close group of friends trying to do something bigger than themselves. From a simple idea as a group of college kids, Glyde turned into a vision of a future platform that can change the way we interact with food no matter where we go. And now from that vision we have come close to launching a product that lives up to our efforts and goals. Join us on our journey as we try to revolutionize the way we dine.

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