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United States, New York – 06-11-2020 ( — “In a time of a shaken financial and job security, many qualified people have lost their jobs, businesses are struggling to survive, and decisions are confusing. Social measures have led to the need for work to go online. We can’t foresee the future, but the situation has prompted some positive changes in largely archaic systems.” – Board Executive at HYLMAN

What is Consulting Centrale?

AKA the first-ever “Professional Media”, an all-exclusive reliable online system where companies can interact and work with qualified consultants professionally. A consulting environment, plus a social aspect. This system allows companies to present an unlimited number of cases or projects and giving them access to numerous diverse and qualified consultants with the ability to receiving multiple recommendations from them, all at the same fixed rate.

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How much does it cost?

Fixed and for as low as 0.02€/minute, compared to the industry standard of 1.35€/minute, this fraction of the price resolves the social and financial pressures faced by companies seeking consultations in today’s industry.  

Can I get paid on this system?

As a qualified professional, you can apply and offer your services to companies. You get paid proportional to your proactivity and engagement in the form of solutions to companies’ cases. 

Additionally, as part of their ongoing measures, HYLMAN has launched a five-figure compensation scheme for absolutely anyone around the world who has a network and wants to make a significant sum of money. Any person who refers and gets 10 companies to join Consulting Centrale at a yearly commitment shall be compensated with €10,000. 

The aim of Consulting Centrale

HYLMAN, the parent company of this revelation, strives to fuel work and start new projects for “stagnant and old-fashioned industries”, as their President Hassan Al-Shama puts it, “Currently management and legal consulting, and much more forwardly. The iceberg is only as big as its hidden bottom.” Highest quality, at strikingly lower cost rates. 

On top of creating revolutionary projects, as part of HYLMAN‘s delivery, Consulting Centrale envisaged a new initiative, known as The Triple I-Initiative. This III-I empowers ingenuity and innovation in all kinds of fields from all types of industries. One thing that Yaman Al-Shama, the Co-Founder and General Director at HYLMAN, believes is “we try to magnify our approach to all kinds of people who are ingenious but voiceless, highly qualified but lack opportunities, innovative but environmentally confined, professionally skilled but socially constricted.” Pointing out that their mission is globalized and targeted to making the world a better place. 

“Equal opportunities, diversity, multiculturalism, various backgrounds, and expertise, our company has a daring and powerful vision to renovate the world.” Hassan Al-Shama adds. 

Analytical news articles

Twice a week, with a complete and free access to anyone, Consulting Centrale publishes a world-class and deeply analytical articles aimed at tackling complex world issues. These pieces extend thorough analyses and out of the box perspectives on matters of the world, business, justice, education, and more. HYLMAN, through this editorial, hopes to offer a bias-free, accessible online newspaper that links individuals, companies, organizations, and governments together in order to provoke thoughts and incentivize change for a better tomorrow and prosperous living, socially and economically.

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Want to check the system out?

You can now request a personalized demo and have access, free of charge, to the demo environment that is identical to the real one, and check the interface and feel of the system as a consultant or as a company on the WebiPhone, or Android applications.

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