Press Release Distribution – Grow your Businesses through the COVID-19 Pandemic

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – 06-18-2020 ( — Many businesses are facing financial difficulties due to uncertainty and chaos created by the disease itself. SEO and Marketing Strategies that worked in pre-pandemic time, may not work today. The key to survive and thrive through this uncertainty is flexibility and willingness to adopt new ways of doing business while keeping the health care instructions intact. Press release distribution is no different and shifting from mass distribution to a more focused and targeted approach.     

At the time of the pandemic when most of the businesses are working remotely, they invest more time in reading and searching about the products they want to purchase. News is more relevant than ever before. With the right PR strategy, you can put your business in front of people searching for related services online. To create a vital PR strategy you can ask yourself these questions:

How does coronavirus impact the industry and your business, in particular? 

How can you reach out to your audience and help them to get the information they need to make a purchase decision? 

Do you need to shift your business delivery and communication methods to adjust to the current situation? 

What kind of solution can you offer to lead your industry through a time of crisis? 

You can craft a press release around your strategy with quantitative data and pitch to media outlets through a press release distribution service for more focused syndication. PR Distribution Inc. is one of the best press release distribution service providers in the US. They have sent tens of thousands of press releases over the span of two decades and are still going on. You can also save money with a bulk order.

They are affordable and offer free quantitative detailed reports on every PR campaign so you can make more informed business decisions. Unlike other PR distribution services, they don’t charge any membership fee and you have to pay only for the service. They also offer PR writing, proofreading, and editing services in case you need it. They have a few distribution packages for businesses of all sizes. 

You can purchase a yearly PR writing and distribution package, in case you are looking for long term investment in your business. PR distribution Inc. is considered a pioneer in white label and unbranded PR distribution service. This service is intended to help anyone interested to extend their outreach without using PR Distribution Inc.’s brand name. 

You can also purchase the media contact list as an alternative to using their distribution service. This allows you to connect with journalists at a more personal level. But it may take a long time before you see any reply from these journalists. Unless you have a lot of time at your disposal, getting a PR distribution service is a wise step. 


PR Distribution Inc. is a leading press release distribution service provider in the US. It has been working for almost two decades now and has helped thousands of businesses get recognized by the industry’s most authentic bloggers, media outlets, and influencers. With PR Distribution Inc. you are guaranteed to get instant visibility in major search engines and news outlets for a very affordable price. For business queries, you can visit PR Distribution Inc. at

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