The Exclusive Medical Society Patient Preferred Physicians & Practitioners Has Meritoriously Named, Natalie W. Geary, MD a “Patient Preferred Pediatrician & Ayurvedic Specialist’ for 2020!

FLORIDA – 07-03-2020 ( — The Exclusive Medical Society Patient Preferred Physicians & Practitioners Has Meritoriously Named, Dr. Natalie W. Geary, MD a  “Patient Preferred Pediatrician & Ayurvedic Specialist’ for 2020!  

For her dedication and excellence in patient care, Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners proudly named  
Dr. Natalie W. Geary, MD, a “Patient Preferred Physician” representing Pediatrics for the state of Florida.  

With over three decades of achievements in her field, Dr. Geary is a notable physician with a specialty in Ayurvedic Medicine treating patients at her private practices in Palm Beach, Florida, and New York City. A true visionary, Dr. Geary has traveled the world serving children and adolescents in foreign countries, helping the underserved populations including India, Africa, and Thailand, to the United States.  

Board-certified and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Geary practices integrative medicine for the whole family at her practice, Private Pediatrics with locations in Coral Gables and Palm Beach. Her practice includes western medicine and is complimented by pediatric care, family healthcare, and Ayurvedic healing to develop a personalized plan to improve and sustain health.  Patients visit Dr. Geary for various treatments including Pediatric physical exams, hearing and vision tests, development medicine, immunizations, allergy + nutrition counseling, eating disorder counseling, school and sports physicals, and Ayurvedic wellness.  Dr. Geary also provides house calls for her patients.  

Ayurveda, often called the “Mother of All Healing,” is an ancient art of medicine, developed over 5,000 years ago in India. The goal is to support health by addressing an individual’s entire wellbeing for sustainable balance. It is described in the texts as “The Science of Life” because it delineates not only treatments for illnesses, but also a system of daily living that restores balance, harmony, healing, and longevity in the individual.    

For her expertise, compassion, excellence in patient care,  Dr. Geary has been rated five-stars from patients and their families. “Dr.Geary is a totally different kind of doctor! She truly cares about her patients and has gotten to know me as a whole person over the years,” read a patient review at “She takes the time to take care of her patients in a holistic way, offering treatment plans and wellness solutions that pair top-notch diagnostic medicine with ancient ayurvedic principles,” the reviewer explained. “I never feel like I’m being rushed through an impersonal healthcare system when I see Dr. Geary. She is detail-oriented, attentive, and caring.”  
Passionate about her field, Dr. Geary authored and co-authored several books, including “The Food Cure for Kids: A Nutritional Approach to Your Child’s Wellness” which explains how nutritional imbalance can dramatically affect a child’s health and also highlights the difference between allergies and dietary intolerances.  She also co-authored, “The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution,” which explains gluten’s relation to digestion and weight loss.  A true Innovator, Dr. Geary also created VedaPure brand, a skincare system made from 100% natural ingredients, offering a holistic alternative that is free of chemicals, parabens, steroids, preservatives, animal and petroleum-based ingredients, and artificial dyes. Her collection of skincare products have known to attract high profile clients such as Mariska Hargitay and Liv Tyler.  

Dr. Geary’s distinguished career began with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Anthropology from Harvard University. She was among some of the first practitioners of the study which was in its infancy stage of practice at the time. Modern Medical Anthropology is defined as the study of human health and disease, health care systems, and bio-cultural adaptation. The study seeks to analyze how culture and society are related to issues of health, health care, and related issues.  While studying at Harvard, Dr. Geary completed her thesis research on the comparison of health care beliefs and utilization practices in cancer patients.  She went on to receive her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed her residency at New York University’s Bellevue Hospital Center. She is also certified in Advanced Ayurveda from the California College of Ayurveda.  

Before beginning her practice in Palm Beach, Dr. Geary treated patients in New York City hospitals, where she currently has a large practice on 5th Avenue; and in New Mexico where she founded the non-profit organization, “Mobile Pediatrics,” which served impoverished neighborhoods of New Mexico giving free treatment and vaccines to children with no health insurance. Her portable clinic visited schools, post offices, and places where it was possible to serve the children of the area. She has traveled to India, Indonesia, Thailand, and to the Republic of Malawi, Africa where she opened a clinic for children orphaned by AIDS. She is the founder of charities such as ONCALL4KIDS, and is a former member of the board of directors for Containers 2 Clinics (C2C).  

Dr. Geary has been the recipient of numerous awards for her expertise including, Professional Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women, 2014, Pinnacle Professional of the Year by Continental Who’s Who, 2015, featured cover of Inner Circle Executive Magazine, 2016, Top Pediatrician of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals, 2017, and now for her dedication to medicine and for achieving excellence in patient care, she holds the title of Patient Preferred Pediatrician and will be listed among the Top Patient Preferred Physicians in America.  

“I highly recommend Dr. Geary,” read a patient review at “She is the pediatrician for both of my children, 4 and 2. They look forward to their visits, and even involve Dr. Geary in their imaginative play at home by making her the doctor to all their stuffed animals, “ the review explained. “Dr Geary is always available with the right answer or the right referral to a trusted specialist. She is reliable and relatable. She doesn’t rush visits, and never overbooks patients,” said the mother of two. “She’s an all-around awesome pediatrician.”  

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