Nashville assisted living chain introduces Total Coverage 360 program to keep seniors safe

United States, Tennessee, Nashville-davidson – 07-16-2020 ( — As restaurants, stores, and a slew of other local businesses throughout the area begin to reopen their doors, the Coronavirus still presents a looming threat to at-risk populations, including the elderly. That’s why one local senior living provider is setting their sights toward preventing COVID-19 long-term through their new, state-of-the-art disinfection program, Total Coverage 360. 

As a key part of the program, The Hearth, a senior living management company headquartered with 15 communities across New York, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tennessee, installed cleaning solution generators from Viking Pure in each of its campuses nationwide. The generators produce a natural cleaning product called Pure San Solutions, and they are roughly the size of an average office water cooler but have the capability of producing over 100 gallons of disinfectant a day. 

“We all saw the effects of the virus on our bare grocery store shelves,” said Jonathan Barbieri, Hearth’s Senior Vice President. “We understand the huge role cleaning plays in combating this virus, and we never want to be without cleaning supplies. We owe it to our residents, our teams, and to the communities in which we operate to keep each community impeccably clean and sanitized, and we never want to be without the tools to help us do that.” 

Each disinfectant generator produces two kinds of natural cleaning agents: a surface cleaner and a sanitizer. The surface cleaner is a highly powerful alkaline water solution. The sanitizer is hypochlorous acid, the same thing our bodies produces in response to infections. Both agents cleaning and disinfecting solutions are made with all-natural ingredients, and have proven effectiveness against bacteria, mold, and viruses similar to COVID-19.

“My favorite thing about the solutions we use in the Total Coverage 360 program is that they are safe enough to use multiple times a day and in all areas of the community, yet very effective,” added Barbieri. “Not every cleaning product can say that.” 

As part of the Total Coverage 360 program’s cleaning standards, both solutions are loaded into compact e-mist machines and sprayed in resident apartments at designated times, and throughout building’s common areas both day and night. Since the solutions are safe and effective on hard and soft surfaces, everything from the carpets to the walls, railings, and furniture, is sprayed a minimum of twice a day. 

“The past few months have been challenging for our entire nation, but this program provides an advancement that sets a new leading standard,” said Barbieri. “By developing Total Coverage 360, we’ve effectively implemented a strategy that helps us look forward, to a cleaner, safer, brighter future.” 

Local Hearth Management communities offering Viking Pure Solutions include The Hearth at Franklin and The Heart at Hendersonville. 

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Hearth Management is a privately owned and operated management and development company based in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1988, Hearth Management specializes in Independent Living, Assisted/Enriched Living, and Memory Care. Currently, Hearth Management’s operates 15 communities throughout New York, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tennessee.

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