Jerome Karam’s Push To Create More Educational Opportunities

United States, Texas, Friendswood – 08-25-2020 ( — In Texas and Southwestern Louisiana, he is known as Dr. impossible because of his extraordinary ability to transform old and useless buildings into something meaningful. Jerome Karam is the kind of person who doesn’t believe in impossible and he is respected for that. To him, impossible means that he hasn’t done enough to find a solution.

Who could have thought that the largest trampoline park in the nation could be based in Galveston County, Texas?  Who would have imagined that a century-old brewery could be given a new lease of life? All these were made possible by Jerome Karam and he didn’t stop at that. He is also the face behind the iconic Mall of the Mainland. In the past five years alone, Jerome Karam has redeveloped over a million sq. ft. of real estate in Texas and Southwestern Louisiana. No man has a domineering presence in Texan real estate like Jerome Karam.  When Jerome Karam undertakes a project, he always strives to complete it perfectly and on time. If there is a Texan developer that can be trusted then it is Jerome Karam: he always keeps his word.Because of his reputation and experience, Jerome Karam has been given the responsibility of financing and building a new educational facility in League City. This facility will provide more educational opportunities in League City and also generate income for the College of Mainland. He hopes to apply his skills and experience to make this project a success. College of MainlandThe College of Mainland occupies a special place in Karam’s heart. It is a center of learning and excellence in League City, Texas. Thousands of Texans depend on this public community college for higher education. Unfortunately, many students in League City have to travel hours to reach this college. That is why the board of the college decided to build a new campus in a strategic location. This will improve access to education. The man that was chosen for the job is Jerome Karam.There couldn’t be a better person for the job than Jerome Karam. He has an excellent track record for giving life to old buildings and he is trusted by the community. His excellent repurposing and reconstruction skills have made him a name in Texas. When school boards need something useful for their students the man that they turn to is Jerome Karam.Giving Back to SocietyKaram and his team have developed big-box properties such as the nation’s largest trampoline park, the luxurious Plaza Royal Suites, and the World Gym Facility- the biggest gym facility in Texas. Despite his achievements, nothing gives Jerome Karam great joy than giving back to society. He believes that greatness is not what you have but what you give. Investing in EducationJerome Karam particularly believes in investing in education because a good education is a passport to a better future. That is why he has heavily invested in the construction of League City’s new educational facility. By doing so he hopes to make education easily accessible to millions of Texans. Karam has taken it upon himself to make this construction project a success. He is dealing with everything from financing to development. He believes that once the project is complete, many Texans stand to benefit.Improving the Society through EducationJerome Karam is dedicated to this new college project that will open in late 2020. This educational facility is going to be a center where students will acquire new skills that will benefit society. Karam believes that improving society starts with the provision of high-quality education. He acknowledges that the roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet.

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