Agata Everest and Dr. Michael Everest Dedication Announcement Focuses On COVID-19 Pandemic

United States, Louisiana, New Orleans – 09-19-2020 ( — Dr. Michael Everest and Agata Everest, both from The Everest Foundation, recently announced that they will focus the vast majority of their non-profit efforts on COVID-19 related issues for the foreseeable future. As cases continue to fluctuate all around the world, those in charge of The Everest Foundation feel like it makes the most sense to focus efforts on the pandemic until everything calms down.

This move, while unexpected, reflects some of the changes going on around the world. The Everest Foundation hopes that with more charities and individuals chipping in to help the cause, getting back to a new sense of normal will happen sooner rather than later.Why Medical Research Matters To The Everest FoundationThe non-profit organization, The Everest Foundation, launched shortly after the death of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest. The father of Michael had a passion for not only medical research but education in general. He found ways while alive to help support young doctors coming from all over the world. That has not changed thanks to his foundation, which helps people stay in the United States if they want to continue furthering their education.With a focus on different schools of medicine in the state of California, most of the work done by The Everest Foundation does take place in the state. There is a lot of Agata Everest and Dr. Michael Everest dedication and overall effort put into research before working with any organization in need of funding, but COVID-19 has changed a lot of how the organization goes.A Shift Towards Fighting Against A PandemicIn just a matter of months, the medical world was turned upside down thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if medical research is not done directly on COVID-19, there are many projects underway loosely connected to the virus. In a short amount of time, many organizations are trying to raise money to help the world fight through these unprecedented times.The goals of The Everest Foundation have always been focused on severe medical issues. By helping to fund projects and figure out solutions for severe issues, it can create a safer community overall. There is nothing more serious now that is affecting many different people than COVID-19.Plans For The FutureAt some point, the world will get back to a certain level of normalcy post-pandemic. At times, it can seem a long way away for now, but a lot of people are putting in the effort to help get the world back to normal. The Everest Foundation and everyone on the board believes that what they are doing is helping in some way. It might not be that much in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit matters as the world fights.In the future, The Everest Foundation continues to look forward to developing great relationships with educational opportunities around the globe. Many international students are having limited options when it comes to traveling to the United States and taking advantage of educational opportunities this school year. That will make additional funding in the future that much more important, as other charitable donations might begin to dry up. The Everest Foundation is committed to getting as much opportunity as possible for those invested in medical research.There are still goals to expand donations to other medical schools and educational opportunities in the future. Recently, a sizable donation was made to the University of Southern California’s medical school to help them reach their goals as a top option in the country. The late Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest had direct ties to the university throughout his life.

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