The Multidemic – COVID-19, Death, AIDS, Cholera, Hepatitis, Suicide, Civil War, and Neglected Children

United States, Georgia, Atlanta – 09-25-2020 ( — The Logical Policy Organization has outlined a strategy designed to prevent what it has dubbed the “multidemic.” the “multidemic” is a collection of side effects both created by the pandemic. The confluence of these issues will contribute to a significant increase in deaths from health-related causes, despair, poverty, and violence. This plan includes a national testing strategy, a plan to save the economy, a plan to reopen schools, and a plan to conduct successful elections. Logical Policy Organization developed operation cover and catch, a national testing strategy. 

This testing strategy is designed to get ahead of the pandemic. The strategy begins with preliminary testing to establish a positivity rate for a given area. The positivity rate will determine the size of the pool testing networks. People would be tested with those with whom they spend the most time. This list includes family, coworkers, and roommates. Pools that test positive would utilize further testing to identify positive individuals. Those individuals’ family members, coworkers, and roommates would be tested. According to CNN, models are projecting 317,000 COVID-19 deaths by the end of the year. With flu season approaching, time is of the essence. According to NBC news, at least 20% of Americans are at risk of eviction in each state. More than half of small businesses were 3-6 months away from permanent closure. This was reported in April. Homeless people tend to congregate and often lack sanitation and toiletries. Cholera, influenza, and hepatitis could spread rapidly through America’s cities. To address this problem, Logical Policy Organization developed V.E.A.R.N. V.E.A.R.N is a voluntary agreement designed to keep people in their homes and prevent business closures. It would supply low-interest loans to businesses and individuals to be paid back over years. Banks would offer businesses loans in exchange for collateral, partial ownership, or regular repayment. Amid this crisis, America’s children are not being educated and cared for in school. As a result, child abuse and domestic violence are going unreported. Children are more likely to be missing meals now than ever, and the mental health of our kids is not being looked after. The plan to reopen schools includes care centers for students not involved in physical learning, using a flipped classroom model, and dividing students into groups and alternating schedules to allow for more physical distancing. The 2020 election also presents significant challenges. If not conducted properly, chaos will spill into America’s streets. Many pundits describe current levels of violence as being indicators of a second civil war. The plan includes same day registration in each state, assigning a tracking number to each ballot, and the creation of a voter information, ballot delivery, and ballot pickup hotline. This fall, America is no longer facing a pandemic. America is facing a “multidemic.” the only alternative to rising to the occasion is a future of violence, chaos, and despair for Americans. We cannot afford to fail. More information is available in the full plan, titled How to Prevent a Multidemic, in the link below. Logical Policy Organization is an organization formed to support logical discourse, ideas, and policy solutions in matters of policy.

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