L7 Defense Awarded the 2020 Global Product Leadership Award for Its Fully Autonomous AI-based API Security Solution

JERSEY CITY NJ – 09-28-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — The award further strengthens L7 Defense’s technological leadership position in the defense against API-WAF, API-BOT, and API DDoS attacks

L7 Defense, a pioneering developer of APIs and applications protection solutions utilizing its artificial intelligence (AI) and unsupervised learning technology, announced today that its Ammune™ API protection solution earned the 2020 prestigious Product Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan.

As the main communication means between systems and applications today, APIs are a major driver of the digital transformation and are the facilitating engine behind the accelerating agility, flexibility, and interconnection evolution required to sustain it. However, APIs can be abused in many ways that render traditional security solutions obsolete.

Ammune’s unique, real-time unsupervised learning technology identifies and eliminates attacks in real time, preventing API misuse and availability threats that can have a severe operational impact and cause significant disruptions and revenues loss.

“We’re very pleased and honored to be recognized by Frost and Sullivan for our technological vision and accomplishments,” said Doron Chema, L7 Defense’s CEO. “This award, following the previous New Product Innovation Award by Frost and Sullivan from 2018, further validates our technological vision in protecting APIs and applications from advanced AI-driven cyber-attacks today.”

“It’s both a privilege and a great responsibility to be able to protect our customers’ organizations from the accelerating barrage of advanced API attacks, which are the cause of so many recent major security breaches,” he concluded.

“Frost & Sullivan considers L7 Defense’s Ammune to be the emerging new standard against which API and application protection solutions should be measured,” said Chen Yaker, Consulting Analyst at Frost and Sullivan. “We consider very high precision, protection speed, operational autonomy, and continuous learning capabilities, such as those demonstrated by L7 Defense, to be the critical pillars guiding cybersecurity defense developments in the foreseeable future.”   


About L7 Defense

L7 Defense helps organizations protect their infrastructure, applications, customers, employees, and partners against the growing risk of API-borne attacks.
APIs have become critical for data sharing and applications integration – as well as an attractive path for malicious attacks that expose organizations to new, continuously evolving threats.

With a team of experienced leaders and innovators, L7 Defense revolutionizes the way organizations protect their APIs from attacks and exposure using disruptive, AI-based technology.

AmmuneTM, L7 Defense’s core technology, was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with a New Product Innovation Award in 2018, and received in 2020 a Product Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan, thanks to its novel unsupervised learning AI-based approach regarding applicative protection at the API resolution 

For more information about L7 Defense and its products, visit: www.L7Defense.com 

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