Super PAC Uses Occult to Influence US Election

BROOKLYN – 10-08-2020 ( — IXNAY PAC teams up with a “coalition of the witching” to defeat Donald Trump

For the first time in the history of American politics, a super PAC is utilizing witchcraft in a presidential election. IXNAY PAC, an anti-Trump political action committee, has teamed up with transgressive artist and practitioner of the occult, Shane Bugbee, to create a “sigil” that will help bring about Donald Trump’s defeat at the polls. 

A sigil is a symbol that practitioners of chaos magic design to represent a desired outcome. Once charged, a sigil is traditionally put to work by experienced witches in elaborate rituals to plant the desire in a subconscious. However, it can just as easily be used by lay people who scrawl the symbol on walls, wear it on a shirt, or even share it via social media. 

“The teaming up of a super PAC and a coalition of the witching might raise a few eyebrows but it’s just the sort of unholy alliance needed to bring our long national nightmare to an end,” says Trace Crutchfield, IXNAY PAC’s Chief Creative Officer. “Frankly speaking, it’s the first new idea in American politics in decades. Anyone who thinks defeating Donald Trump is going to be easy is out of their minds, so after recording The Subpoeña Colada Songwe decided to throw caution to the wind and expand our sphere of influence by utilizing any and all legal means available.”

Bugbee says of the collaboration “They say fascist power only responds to power. Well, there’s a reason that QAnon called IXNAY PAC the most dangerous political organization in America. By combining forces, we are going to demonstrate the true meaning of ‘people power’ at the polls–and in the process give Donald Trump an excuse for losing that he might actually be able to live with. A scapegoat, if you will.” 

The “IXNAY sigil”

Bugbee created the IXNAY sigil together with Portland-born witch Lillian Lux to “bind the collective will” of the people of America and beyond to deny Trump a second term. Each line of its design is imbued with meaning. For example the arrows are said to represent “protection and a moving force that drives the anti-Trump moment forward.” These are “to block, confuse and bring down the powers that be.” The sigil’s side loops with double strikes through them represent “the undertow of change–danger for some, protection for others.”

“It’s a curse and a blessing… depending on which side you stand,” says Bugbee. 

The IXNAY sigil was first used in a ritual on Sunday, September 27, and since then has been discreetly passed around a tightly-knit network of witches around the world. Is it working?  “If you take a look at the state of the Trump campaign… the results speak for themselves,” said Bugbee.

This week, IXNAY PAC and the “coalition of the witching” will begin releasing video documentation of the sigil in its earliest ritual use as they seek to expand its adoption–handing the sigil over to the general public so they can create and share anti-Trump rituals of their very own using the hashtag #IXNAY

“This is the 21st century and rituals are what you make them,” says Crutchfield. “You can leverage your daily ritualistic use of your phone to spread the sigil around to friends and enemies, mail drawings of it to your members of Congress, or chalk it up on the sidewalks in front of your local Trump-branded property. Hell, you could even make the IXNAY sigil out of your favorite white, powdery substance and really go to town. The sigil is as flexible as it is powerful.”


A screenshot from Shane Bugbee’s own ritual using the IXNAY sigil.


IXNAY PAC is a political action committee founded in 2018 with the singular goal of getting Donald Trump and his cronies out of the White House. With card-carrying members of IXNAY PAC in every state, the group engages in both traditional political advertising and grassroots street-art campaigns. 

About Trace Crutchfield
Trace Crutchfield is the co-founder of IXNAY PAC and serves as its Chief Creative Officer and host of the IXNAY podcast. Before the Trump presidency demanded he become directly involved in politics, he was a freelance journalist / television presenter and the unlikely vehicle that took Vice Media from art school hard-on to America’s grandest journalism internship. Crutchfield’s idol is Richard Burton, the British explorer not the Welsh actor. He lives on an island off the coast of America.

About Shane Bugbee

Shane Bugbee is a notorious publisher, provocateur, and practitioner of the occult. He is a lifelong champion of free speech, most famously having published the work of Mike Diana after the artist was arrested on obscenity charges. Bugbee was the last person that Anton LeVey made a reverend in the Church of Satan before he died in 1997. In 2013 Bugbee was involved in establishing the Satanic Temple, a group with which he would later cut ties. In 2019 he wrote and published The Joys of Satanism, “an attempt at refocusing a young philosophy that is in the midst of being co-opted by the lame and the criminally dangerous.” Bugbee lives in Chicago, where he has a thriving art practice. 

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