Delphi Display Systems Releases Next Generation Drive-Thru Timing System

COSTA MESA, CA – 10-09-2020 ( — Delphi Display Systems, Inc. – the global leader in consumer engagement and business optimization technology solutions for the food service industry, announced today that they have released their next generation drive-thru timing system Insight Track® 2.0. Key features and enhancements include:

Enhanced real time performance dashboards now available on any web enabled device.

New enterprise level performance summary reports are now available through the Delphi Cloud portal. Daily performance reports can also be automatically sent via email to any group of recipients.

Significant upgrades to the Insight Score™ real time performance ranking dashboard with a much improved, intuitive and configurable user interface.

Upgraded operating system to the latest long-term supported version.

Release of the latest generation of IoT timer interfaces that provides connectivity to all in-store sensors, headset systems and other peripheral equipment.

Enhanced RESTful APIs for integration into customer reporting systems.

These improvements provide customers with the information they need to improve the efficiency and profitability of their drive thru operations. Insight Track 2.0 is now available and is shipping with all new timer systems.

“This new release of Insight Track allows our customers the ability to get more visibility into their drive-thru operations and identify performance bottle necks in real time,” said Ken Neeld, President and CEO of Delphi Display Systems. “With the increased utilization of drive-thru lanes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more critical than ever for our customers to reduce speed of service times, improve profitability and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Insight Track 2.0 will help them achieve these results.”

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Delphi Display Systems, Inc. provides customized digital signage hardware, software and service solutions that enable businesses to engage with, interact with, influence, attract and retain their end customers. Delphi’s analytics and business intelligence capabilities enable its customers to optimize the effectiveness of their digital consumer engagement strategy – and ultimately their profitability. Delphi provides solutions to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), education, corporate, theme park and other industry verticals. Delphi has installed solutions in more than 40,000 locations in over 75 countries around the world. Follow Delphi on Twitter @DelphiDisplay and like Delphi on For more information on the company and its products, visit or call 714-825-3400.

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