The World’s most popular Evangelist Endorses Joe Biden .Dr K A Paul Calls on ALL American Voters to Despatch Trump at the Ballot Box

UNITED STATES – 10-20-2020 ( — A leading Evangelical leader has visited several swing states ahead of the US Election in a bid to convince people to vote out their ‘evil’ president Donald Trump.

Dr. K A Paul. who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, has traveled to all swing states in the past to mobilize millions of people, including Republicans and Independents, to vote down Trump.

In a stinging rebuke on the President, a man who he backed four years ago, Dr. Paul said: “Enough is enough. Trump should not be given a free pass for his Antichrist activities. Trump has failed me, failed America and failed God. So, let’s save America from Trump.

“Act before it’s too late. Stay united and strong enough to endure and fight back the treachery of Trump. He lies with impunity. Donald Trump is the falsest of prophets, do not let his evil deeds succeed.”

Dr. Paul, a renowned peacemaker, who in the past endorsed and supported Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and Republicans  George W. Bush and Donald Trump, has been working hard to mobilize pastors, evangelicals, Republicans and independents and Sanders voters, to back Democrat nominee Joe Biden, who he describes as “a decent Catholic who can restore dignity to the White House”.

He added: “I request all Americans to turn to God, fast and pray. I plead to everyone to overcome racism, white supremacy, and global extremism. To overcome greed and selfishness, pray that Trump will change and peacefully transfer the power to Biden. 

“Donald Trump may think he is the nominal leader of the free world, but he is the leader of what has become the new religious immoral majority. Namely, the Evangelicals who, not only turn the other cheek, they close their eyes to avoid seeing the sins of the President.”

He said: “As an Evangelical leader I cannot stay silent about the sins of our President, just because he might succeed in achieving Evangelical political goals. In fact, he is evil and a threat to America and the world.”

Dr. Paul is the only internationally respected Evangelist and humanitarian who has openly opposed Trump since October 2, 2019, when Trump refused to repent, resign, and change.

However, Dr. Paul has also turned fire on his Evangelical colleagues for failing to stand up and be heard against Trump. 

“It is heartbreaking to see my good friends, Evangelical leaders who endorsed me and my global ministry, are not opening their eyes and mouths to condemn Trump. I’m deeply shocked to learn how seemingly only one or two Evangelical leaders are confronting Trump and his ungodly acts,” he said.

“I call on all Evangelicals to remind Christians that they need to know their actions will judge them. Knowing the truth, that God has given Trump many opportunities to repent, but he has refused to do so, means we cannot support this man who does not demonstrate that he even understands the meaning of Christianity.”

Dr. Paul is the founder of the Global Peace Initiative and been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the Government of India, Norway’s political leader and other nations and author of the new book “Save America and the World from Trump.” pl download this 30 dollar cost but FREE BOOK today from the website and share with everyone and every group. Also, watch the 4-minute video introduced by the only 4 times heavyweight Boxing champion Evander Holyfield and join our social media platforms. 

Dr k A Paul encouraged President Trump on October 2nd, 2019 to resign and hand over presidency to V P Mike pence and avoid impeachment, also Dr Paul openly predicted on 10th may 2020 in his Facebook and media that President Trump would get coronavirus (plz watch Dr.KA Paul Facebook: due to his recklessness which caused over 8 million Americans to suffers and over 20 million jobs lost and costed US trillions of dollars loss

He concluded: “Trump lies, insults, curses and never does the Christian thing of asking for forgiveness. America and the world are in great danger in the hands of Trump.”


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