Empowering For Freedom

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I’m a capitalist who wants to inspire people to find independence and do what I have done. I do this because people’s empowerment is the marker of real progress. What life is all about is the use of your voice to educate and uplift others. Ziad K Abdelnour reminds me of a heavyweight fighter who comes after you aggressively, as Mark Skousen, Investment Specialist and Chief Editor of the Progress & Strategies Newsletter, commented. Right away, he has your attention. He makes you think and behave in a different way. Ziad understands that it’s not easy for a start-up to succeed, so he drives you hard to achieve your full entrepreneurial potential. If we want to see success, someone has to step up and say that now is the time to take a stand. I wasn’t afraid of being that guy, and neither should you be afraid of it. I continuously aspire to spread the power of empowerment and freedom of choice, because the more we empower each other, the more success we will see in the world. Things like wealth and efficiency are not intended to be limited to only a few elites. Everyone deserves their fair share of access to it, so we all need to come together to fight against those who feel differently. While my call to action is to build and motivate a movement of intelligent, trained, well-informed, autonomous individuals to build their own wealth, yours differs. But the basis of empowerment has a few main elements on which it relies, regardless of the cause, whether political , social or economically. The People Empowerment must be supported by a society ready to tackle whatever obstacles stand in their way. They have to know that problems will occur. This is, however, their safe place; their opinion will be heard and acknowledged. More importantly, their contributions are often appreciated in managing the challenges. And in times of disappointment, it takes hope and motivation. It also needs leaders who not only have genuine regard for others’ rights and feelings, but also The society would also be steered on the road to step forward in the right direction. And as a good friend of mine says, values, courage and wholeheartedness must guide leadership. It takes a diverse range of abilities to be a leader. A good leader understands how to listen, to internalize and to be an example. You, as a leader, are a mentor. You’re an instructor. You are a difference-maker, and there is no greater sense of empowerment than learning that you can make a positive contribution to the world. But maybe understanding when to take a step back and give people a chance to apply your lessons is the most significant capacity to be a leader. You have to show them that you believe that they have all the resources and skills to overcome whatever is before them. This provides people with even more incentives to see errors as a chance to improve and that will advance them on their path. Often, just by communicating to them that you value their choices, people can feel even more motivated. You are likely to hit a few kinks, as in any organisation. It is also crucial that the individuals you set out to empower realise that they have the right to speak up when something doesn’t work or goes wrong. Everyone needs to feel comfortable reporting negative news and know it’s their job to do so. Knowing that it exists is the best way to address a problem. Instead, make it clear that for everyone who tries to cover up unfavourable developments out of fear that it may reflect poorly on them, there is no place in the squad. It is selfish and just acts as something that holds back the community.
It might not be for everyone to step up and be the one to inspire others, but someone has to be the one to do it. Why don’t they let it be you? Know that you have the power to give this planet a bright light and strive to make it a better place.

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