Engineering President Uses Presidential Campaign and American Pop Culture Icon to Promote Latest Non-Engineering Work

LEANDER, TEXAS – 10-24-2020 ( — Engineering Firm President and Texas singer/songwriter, DW Krawl, has come up with a very clever way to promote his latest pandemic and presidential election parody songs on YouTube. Additionally, he hopes to disprove the notion that engineering is boring. 

Being a lifelong fan of MAD Magazine and more specifically, its cover’s international superstar Alfred E. Neuman, Mr. Krawl has created quite an elaborate campaign both for Al and himself. He was extremely disappointed to learn of MAD’s decision to stop new publications last year, after a 67-year run, and wanted to express his gratitude for all the enjoyment he received from reading MAD Magazine.  

After years of reading Al’s exploits and watching the many MAD promotions of Al for President, Mr. Krawl decided to give Al a proper Presidential send off and promote his latest work at the same time. He first bought the domain name, which leads to his YouTube Channel. He then wrote and recorded a song about Al’s run for President, that includes Al’s political platform along with his hopes, dreams and wishes for our great country. He then researched for and purchased props for his and Al’s Campaign. 1956 was the first year MAD promoted Al for President, so he went with vintage, and rather expensive, original items from that first MAD, Alfred E. Neuman for President campaign.  The props included an original 1956 Al for President poster, button and 4 badges, a mint condition December 1956 issue #30 MAD magazine. The issue is of huge historical significance to MAD enthusiasts, as it was the first time Al ever appeared on the cover of MAD and was the first time Al appeared as a presidential candidate. Mr. Krawl then downloaded several Al pictures from the internet and made several trips to the copy shop to have blow ups and laminations of all the paper props made for outside use. He then had 100 signs made and put them up all over Texas, and with the help of his best friend of 40 years, Dan-the-Man, had a bunch of the signs put up across Southern California. Then, much to the chagrin of his new bride, he converted their house into the Alfred E. Neuman Election Services Center or AENESC for short, pronounced Aaaniss! After which, Mr.Krawl claimed the title of National Chairman for the Alfred E. Neuman Presidential Tryout or AENPT Campaign. There was an official lighting ceremony and a daytime tour with videos made for both events, available on Mr. Krawl also customized his SUV, (The AL Mobile) and an vintage jersey, which he wears while posting the signs all around Texas.

Mr. Krawl recently voted early for President and YES he did vote for Al, along with Howard Stern for Vice President!

The efforts have paid off, as traffic on Mr. Krawl’s YouTube channel have more than doubled.

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