How Casual Business Has Destroyed Your Bottom Line

United States, New York, New York – 10-27-2020 ( — Virtual business is turning professional perspectives into casual ones. With the increase of working from home, casual dress online, and some less than polished social media posts – these seemingly innocent acts are actually destroying your brand’s bottom line. But there is a way to balance a friendly, approachable demeanor with bottom line professionalism. 

On this week’s episode of the international award-winning show, Fix My Brand With Ali Craig, host Ali Craig, shares with you how to undo the damage your extreme casual business approach has created and get your brand back on the financial success track.  With over 22 years of real-world experience in luxury and neuro human branding®- Craig is training the businesses and viewers of this hit reality tv series on how to create more powerful experiences, to create more profitable incomes with their brands and lives at large. 

This 3x best-selling author, Ali is bringing her once private, and highly exclusive systems, strategies, and techniques to the masses all in an effort to combat the BS, misinformation that is running rampant in this “Google” Age society. It is this pseudo information that is outwardly designed to help a growing business, but yet, in reality, is the kryptonite to these heroic global economy changers desiring to live, be, and do a life of notoriety™. 

Notoriety™ Network is a 17x international award-winning multimedia network. Thought of as “Hulu for entrepreneurs”, Notoriety™ Network is located on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, the IOS Store, and Google Play. Season 3 streams live every Tuesday night at 8pm est on the Notoriety™ Network.

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