“PSYCHIC CHEERLEADER” ANDREA FIRPO and FELLOW HOLISTIC and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OWNERS Announce a Contest to Win More Than $1400 in Spiritual Products and Healing Sessions


It is with great excitement that “Psychic Cheerleader” Andrea Firpo, in partnership with Mimi Daraa of Maison Palo Santo; Leo Pena of ThoughtCloud CBD; Morgan Perry of Vino Vinyasa; Neil & Ash Dumra of 3rd Eye Cacao, Ira Whitaker of Let It Bead; Lindsay Haass of Shuniya Yoga Collective; and Marie Caroline Shulman of Preppy Trendy invite you to participate in a contest with a chance to win 26 Gratitude Gifts that soothe, heal and uplift the body, mind, and soul.  

Have you ever wanted to try energy healing or a cacao tasting? Does combining yoga and wine sound divine? Do you have an interest in sustainable luxury fashion? Are you looking for ways to connect more deeply during mediation, or are you seeking to add aromatherapy, crystal and plant medicine to your spiritual practices or daily health regimen? If so, this contest is for you! These small business owners are offering some of the best modalities in their toolbox to help you on your journey toward growth and expansion.  

Andrea Firpo is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), empath, starseed (also known as an “advanced soul”) whose purpose is to serve humanity during this critical period in its history. After being diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, Andrea began exploring homeopathic and energetic modalities and healed herself within a year. Today, she uses a combination of psychology, plant medicine, Reiki, shamanism, and clairvoyant training to help her clients transmute their physical, spiritual and emotional pain to heal on all levels and live with passion, joy and purpose.  

Mimi Daraa is a 200 HR RYT, certified meditation guide, and the founder of Maison Palo Santo, an aromatherapy company specializing in powerful meditation tools to deepen one’s connections and enhance their overall wellbeing.  

ThoughtCloud prides itself on providing consumers with the purest, highest grade CBD products on the planet to promote an enhanced metabolic homeostasis, improve immune function, and assist in enhancing mental wellbeing.  

Third-Eye Cacao is a trusted purveyor of ceremonial-grade cacao, grown with love and awareness and prepared by an experienced cacao shaman. It is also fairly-traded; heavy metal tested, and always organic.  

Morgan Perry, founder of Vino Vinyasa Yoga, has created one-hour classes that combine creative asanas with mindful wine tasting to relieve stress and energize the body.  

Ira Whitaker, is the owner of Let It Bead, which provides the community with beading supplies, crystals, healing gemstones and jewelry, sustainable smudging supplies, and sound bath meditations.

Lindsay Haass, is the founder of Shuniya Yoga Collective, a community collective where meditative yogic practices such as Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Flow and sound baths are offered to achieve a deeper consciousness, bridging the gap between a physical yoga practice and a stiller meditative state. 

Marie Caroline Shulman, owner of Preppy Trendy, a sustainable fashion brand that champions slow fashion, creating hip and stylish clothing pieces that are made with salvaged fabrics from the fashion industry and garments that aren’t donated or reused.  

Entrants have a chance to win the following amazing Gratitude Gifts including:

  • 3 Digital Intuitive Meditations with Andrea Firpo, valued at $70.00
  • Life Guidance Discovery Session with Andrea Firpo, valued at $120.00
  • 3 Digital Intuitive Meditations with Andrea Firpo, valued at $70.00
  • Life Guidance Discovery Session with Andrea Firpo, valued at $120.00
  • Intuitive Healing Session with Andrea Firpo, valued at $222.00
  • Maison Palo Santo 5 – 4 oz Candles Discovery Set, valued at $155
  • Maison Palo Santo set of organic and sustainable essential oils: 15mL of Palo Santo oil, valued at $35
  • Maison Palo Santo 25 Sticks of Palo Santo, valued at $27
  • Maison Palo Santo Palo Santo Tea Shavings (serving for 4), valued at $25
  • Maison Palo Santo Handwoven Moroccan Wool Pillow, valued at $170
  • ThoughtCloud CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – Cold Pressed Hemp Seed and Stalk 15 ml, valued at $16.99
  • ThoughtCloud CBD Isolate in Coconut MCT Oil 15ml, valued at $24.99
  • ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD Oil Vape (600mg) 30ml Bubblegum, valued at $24.99
  • ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD Oil Vape (600mg) 30ml French Toast, valued at $24.99
  • ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD Oil Vape (600mg) 30ml Cherry Cola, valued at $24.99
  • ThoughtCloud High CBG Cannabinoid – Full Spectrum CBD for Inflammation & Allergies 15 ml, valued at $60.99
  • 3rd Eye Cacao Starter Kit: Our signature Elixir Powder 16 oz bag, and an 8 oz sampler of our monthly ceremonial cacao (Either Dominican Republic, Peruvian or Columbian wafers), valued at $88  
  • Vino Vinyasa Tank (Dancers Cheers), valued at $25
  • Vino Vinyasa Virtual Online Event, valued at $25
  • Let It Bead Gemstone Chakra Diffuser Bracelet, valued at $15
  • Let It Bead Amethyst cluster, valued at $20
  • Let It Bead Sage, Herb and Flower bundle, valued at $7.50
  • Let It Bead Clear Quartz Pendulum, valued at $7.50
  • Let It Bead Bar of Selenite, valued at $4
  • Shuniya Yoga Collective 3 Class Pack, valued at $45  
  • Preppy Trendy Sassy Yogi Sweatshirt, valued at $65
  • Preppy Trendy Mantra Coffee Mug, valued at $15
  • Preppy Trendy 5 Camouflage Print Masks set, valued at $75

The rules are simple: 

Entrants rack up points when they engage with the participants through social media (2 points), review (10 points), and newsletter entries (8 points).  

Sharing an entry will also net 10 points. The more points they have, the better their chances to win!  

All interested participants should enter here. Winners will be announced and contacted directly through email on Monday, November 9th. Electronic gifts will be received automatically. Physical gifts will be shipped directly to the recipient.

“I am so honored to be partnering with other holistic and sustainable small businesses in this offering,” Firpo states, “It is our hope and intention that the Gratitude Gifts will serve as a catalyst for healing, transformation, and fun!”  

Andrea is a contributing author to the recently released #1 amazon international bestseller, The Art & Truth of Transformation, in which she discusses some of the challenges she faced in the months leading up to her diagnosis and the major transformation she underwent as she healed herself physically, emotionally and spiritually. She also highlights the stories of incredible women in her podcast, “Brilliance through Resilience.” Andrea lives with her family in Portland, Oregon and works with clients everywhere.

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