Noah Project prepares for world expansion

Singapore – 11-19-2020 ( —

Noah Project has completed a two-year rebuild to expand beyond the borders of Japan. 

The ecosystem is now finished and is already conquering the Asian region.

Noah Project’s journey began in 2017, during the ICO boom. The development team set about plans to create an effective remittance system for residents of Japan and The Philippines, as well as an independent financial zone in Manilla. However, this idea was not destined to come true. In 2019, the Noah Project management team turned for help. This is when the real work began.

It took several years to rethink the project. The engineers built the ecosystem from scratch. 40,000 members of the Noah community got a new interface (Noah Custody Wallet) that works with Noah Project’s products, along with the new Noah Blockchain, Voting system, Loyalty Platform, Heritage feature and most importantly – Noah City – the first decentralized state. Now the project has been updated for presentation to the international community.

However, Noah Project includes several sub-projects, the relevance of which was in question. One of these is the BTCNEXT Exchange. Over the past year, the exchange has undergone many qualitative changes:

  • The developers have updated the exchange’s core, making it more stable and secure for users.
    The list of coins has been significantly expanded to provide users with more trading opportunities.
    The set of trading tools was improved.
    Licenses allowing legal activities in the EU were updated.

One of the biggest achievements for its developers was the integration of QDAO DeFi services with Noah Custody Wallet. Now, the Noah community can enjoy all the benefits of Decentralized Finance and earn passively, using a familiar interface.

The development team isn’t stopping and continues to develop all the sub-projects. Now they can all be considered updated and ready to enter the global market – the Noah ecosystem is ready. The action has already begun!

More recently, the Noah Project released its ERC-20 compatible version of NOAHP coin. Uniswap became the first place where it was listed. The NOAHP ERC-20 coin is already bringing positive results for the project, owing to the SpaceSwap development team who have paid much appreciated attention to it. SpaceSwap is the future one-stop-station for major DeFi protocols and provides users with optimal loan interest rates, MILK2 and SHAKE coins for extra passive income. There are now several liquidity pools on the platform, which includes Noah Project’s coins.

The development team is actively working on the image components of the projects. They were one of the technical partners of DeFi Global Summit 2020, organized by DAO Consensus. The team representatives also took part in this event as speakers.

Now the company is actively working in the Chinese market, attracting new users to their Noah community. A project representative commented on these recent events:

“We have made a titanic effort to build the Noah ecosystem from scratch. It is time to show the results of our work to the world. We chose China because its citizens show an open interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions. We see limitless potential for growth but these are just the first steps. In the future, we want to enter the US market. Speaking globally, everything is only just beginning for the Noah Project! ”

The development team backed up their intentions with the release of two new stablecoins. The QDAO Project’s stablecoin family was extended with two new coins – CNYQ (pegged to the Chinese yuan) and JPYQ (pegged to the Japanese yen) – issuing over 500,000 CNYQ and 5,000,000 JPYQ .

Noah Project has the potential to become a major player in the international crypto market. In a short period of time, its developers have managed to create a complex ecosystem of products, as well as updating it to meet the current market requirements. Noah Project is one thing worth watching!

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