CO Homeowners With Roof Storm Damage: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To File Your Insurance Claim

UNITED STATES – 11-25-2020 — The Colorado weather can be formidable at times. Whether it’s a blizzard in the winter that leads to an ice dam or a spring thunderstorm that causes damage to the roof, storms can often wreak havoc on Colorado homes. If a home has experienced a recent storm, it’s critical that the homeowner file an insurance claim before it’s too late. 

Before a claim can be filed, you’ll need to determine whether or not there’s damage, and you’ll need a bid from a highly qualified contracting company. After you contact a roofing contractor, you’ll have your home and roof inspected to ensure that there isn’t any damage. If your contractor does come across damage, you’ll want to file your insurance claim as quickly as possible. In many cases, insurance companies won’t payout for claims made on damage that’s over 6-12 months old. It’s of utmost importance that you get your insurance claim filed before it’s too late.Damage that you might expect to see on your roof after a severe storm can include hail damage, missing shingles, dent or broken vents, and more. If you do choose to wait and not repair your roof or file an insurance claim right away, you’ll risk further damage to your home due to leaking. Additionally, if your roof is missing shingles, there’s a good chance that the surrounding shingles will experience some damage from the elements as well. Jose Rodriguez Lopez of Red Canyon Roofing, a local roofer that has been working in the Denver-Boulder area for years, has seen an increase in awareness from homeowners on the need for filing damage claims but understands that the process can be tricky. ‘Quickly filing an insurance claim is essential to getting a home repaired after it has sustained damage, but the process of doing so can be confusing,’ says Lopez, ‘At Red Canyon, we help our customers through the entirety of the claim filing process to ensure that it is done right and that they don’t pay a single penny over what they should be paying.’ If you suspect storm damage on your roof, be sure to get it checked out as soon as possible. That way, you’ll be able to file a claim and get your roof repaired or replaced before any further damage can occur in your home. Businesses like Red Canyon Roofing has been helping homeowners navigate the delicate insurance claim process for years. For more information, check their site out at:

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