Author Offers a Path to Happiness in New Book on Dealing With Depression

United States, Massachusetts, Boston – 12-30-2020 ( — Having battled depression for many years, author C. Daley in her new book, Healing Depression, delivers compelling insights into how adapting actionable strategies and shifting mindsets can help readers achieve a happier life.

The book offers an honest appraisal of the condition, explores the science behind it, what fuels depressive moods, and addresses the many common myths and misconceptions.

She arms readers with strategies on how to improve their lives through goal-setting, time management, and relapse prevention methods. By adapting their approach, they can overcome negative mindsets and maintain emotional wellbeing.

Healing Depression is a survivor’s handbook for anyone searching for a way to improve their mental health, while offering a knowledge base that enables sufferers to reclaim control of their lives and build a happier, healthier future.

The book also tackles the topic of maintaining a healthy diet, the different types of treatments for depression, how to spot depressive thoughts and assesses whether a reader requires professional help.

Since its release in October 2020, the book has garnered five-star reviews on Amazon. 

One reviewer said: “Getting this book supplied me with an implication of how widespread depression is. I had no idea. I knew that numerous people suffered from this illness, but I did not realize the magnitude of how substantial it was until after reading this book.

 “There is a step-by-step procedure you can implement to improve your problem-solving skills to help you make better choices and decisions while undergoing depression. I found the bulk of this book to be immensely helpful.

“So, for anyone reading the book, this is a valuable aspect of staying alive when feeling depressed, and so is of vital importance to anyone intending to stay happier while battling this demon.”

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