RL Leaders Announces Advisory Board

WASHINGTON, DC – 01-14-2021 (PRDistribution.com) — Entertainment, Military, and Diplomatic veterans to advise next phase of growth  

RL Leaders (RLL) announced the members of their newly constituted Advisory Board today. The announcement follows two new additions to the ranks of their senior leadership team announced late last year. New senior executives have joined RLL to lead business development efforts and serve as in-house Chief Financial Officer.

Known for connecting the brightest, most creative minds from the entertainment industry with national security professionals seeking to apply innovative solutions to our nation’s most vexing security challenges, RL Leaders’ need for an in-house CFO is a result of the growing demand for their services in the private and non-profit sectors.

In addition to providing strategic advice, counsel, and guidance, the newly announced Advisory Board members will expand RLL’s network.  
The founding members of the RL Leaders Advisory Board include:

  • Kari Amelung, who, during a thirty-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Directorate of Operations (DO), served in a number of key assignments, including two wars zones, three tours as Station Chief, and four years as Director of the European Division. She is the recipient of a Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.  
  • Jim Danoy, who served as the daily intelligence briefer for President Barack Obama, the capstone on a career that included assignments in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. European Command (EUCOM), NATO, and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • Lt. Gen. Burke Garrett, US Army (ret), served around the world at the sharp end of American national security for over three decades, culminating with his assignment as deputy commander of United States European Command. He now works with public and private sector leaders to help solve their biggest challenges.
  • Greg Goodrich, who is one of the most regarded video game executives in America, responsible for scores of award-winning and groundbreaking games that have revolutionized the industry over the past two decades.
  • Kristanna Loken an award-winning actress, best known as “TX” in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Loken has produced multiple films with social conscience – ranging from the US immigration crisis to the genocide in Sudan. Loken is the CEO of her independent film studio, Trio Entertainment, which is currently in the process of going public.

Each member of the advisory board cited their desire to enact positive change in an increasingly complex world as their motivation for joining the board. “The challenges we face as a people are multi-faced and increasingly complex and will require creative and innovative solutions to overcome,” noted Mr. Danoy. “Conventional approaches will not suffice in resolving or mitigating these threats.” General Burke added, “We are at our best when we use creative insights to deliver innovative solutions for the greater good.”

The approach to holistic thinking found at the heart of RL Leader’s unique panel process was another common refrain. As Ms. Loken noted, “What RL Leaders is doing in the critical thinking and problem-solving space is both innovative and smart- utilizing experts with either strong right or left brain thinking helps one better see and understand the holistic picture.”

The members of the advisory board have all worked with RL Leaders in some capacity since the company’s founding.

“These extraordinary leaders in their respective fields are some of the finest folks we’ve had the privilege of working with since RL Leaders founding,” said CEO John Rogers. “The perspectives they bring based on their experience and ability to bring creativity to the fore are invaluable as we move forward and expand our offerings both within, and beyond, the national security community.”

RL Leaders has connected national security officials with entertainment technologies and creative artists for more than a decade. Leveraging the entertainment industry’s most creative and innovative minds has brought disruptive, energetic solutions, training, and operational enhancements to the national security community that transform the world into a safer place.


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