Hansem Global Translation Services for Businesses Are Now Available In The United States

United States, California, Irvine – 01-21-2021 (PRDistribution.com) — Hansem Global, a leading Asian language services company providing multilingual translation and localization services, has established an office in the U.S. and is now offering comprehensive language and translation services to businesses in the American market.

As one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world, East Asia has increasingly become the focus of marketing efforts by global businesses. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing about the need to attract a wider base of customers, many businesses are looking to enter this market with an attractive offering of products and services. What better way to get into this highly profitable market than to provide customers with the information they need in their own language? With the potential to multiply revenue and expand globally, it has never been more important for businesses to adopt an outward-looking approach and communicate to Asian customers in the language they are most comfortable speaking. This is where Hansem Global’s range of B2B translation services comes in.American businesses in jargon-rich industries like technology may be having a harder time when it comes to providing translations for their product information. For example, user manual development poses a huge challenge in such industries, where a thorough understanding of the language is required for succinct and precise dissemination of information. Hansem Global (http://hansem.com) has the expertise and experience in developing user manuals in a variety of Asian languages and the English language, going a long way in improving user perception and brand image. The development of multilingual manuals also allows businesses to take into consideration the regulations unique to each country and region. In addition, today’s users want the convenience of being able to assess product information and user manuals across devices including their mobile devices. Hansem Global takes care of the entire process from content development to localization through device optimization. If your business is looking to produce marketing materials such as videos, 3D animations, and sound effects in a way that relates to the Asian market, Hansem Global can help.
About Hansem GlobalHansem Global is a company that offers comprehensive language services from technical writing, content development, translation, localization services, marketing communication services alongside user manual development and automation services. In 2020, it was ranked amongst the 30 Fastest-Growing Language Service Providers by Nimdzi, a U.S. localization research organization. It was the only Korean company to receive that honor. The company also ranked 63rd in the ‘Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index’. Slator is a localization research organization based in Switzerland. As an IS017100 certified company, Hansem Global provides translation services in more than 70 major languages. IS017100 is a certification awarded to translation companies who have met an international standard quality management process. With a free initial consultation, Hansem Global works with businesses to understand their unique needs, ensure consistency between translations, bring down costs, and more. Hansem Global is located at 300 Spectrum Center Dr. Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92618. You can call them at (888) 295-4079 or send an email to [email protected] for general inquiries.  

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