Axelspace Announces New Product Lineup of Earth Observation Platform “AxelGlobe” along with the Next Satellites Launch Plan for Global Daily Observation

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan – 01-27-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Axelspace Corporation today announces new products of Earth Observation Platform “AxelGlobe” which will be released this year in response to its steady progress. In addition, the company is going to launch four additional satellites for AxelGlobe named “GRUS” in the fourth quarter of 2022, building a nine-satellite constellation which will enable daily observation anywhere on the Earth.


AxelGlobe Business Progress with the Five-Satellite Constellation

Earth Observation Platform AxelGlobe started its first service named “AxelGlobe Tasking & Monitoring” with five satellites in June 2021. After seven months since the launch, we achieved a sales increase of 1,860% from the previous year and the partner network has expanded to more than 50 companies worldwide, covering almost the entire global market.

GRUS satellites are smaller than conventional Earth observation satellites but capable of taking high-quality optical images with a ground resolution of 2.5 meters (high enough to identify a large car on the ground). The service initially started with a single satellite in May 2019, and from June 2021, it started taking images once in a few days with five satellites, which encouraged more customers in various industries across the world to use its service. Some use cases can be mentioned in areas of agriculture, disaster prevention, news reporting in Japan as well as other various applications in the world including mapping for South American Governments, large-scale precision agriculture in North America and infrastructure monitoring in Southeast Asia.





AxelGlobe New Product Lineup

Axelspace plans to launch new products in 2022 as below.


AxelGlobe Archive

• You can use archived images of the entire world taken in the past by the five-satellite constellation.

• You can easily search for your desired images by location, date and time, cloud cover rate and other criteria on the Web Platform, and use images in units of 5 km x 5 km at a minimum.

• To be provided in stages from February 2022.


AxelGlobe Cloudless Mosaic

• A service to create and provide cloud-free images from multiple images captured at different times.  

• By removing clouds, which are a bottleneck in optical satellite imagery, this product can be used in a wide range of applications, including mapping and disaster prevention.  

• To be provided in stages from March 2022.


AxelGlobe Custom Capture

• You can arbitrarily designate a capture date.

• Next-day capture is available in the earliest case. Emergency shooting after a natural disaster is a typical use case. In the near future, you will be able to order an immediate capture (where the capture will be made in a few hours after the order).

• To be provided in stages from March 2022.


AxelGlobe Reservation

• You don’t have to purchase all of the images taken by your capture orders.

• Useful if you need archived images in the location of your interest not now but in the future. You just ask for capturing images of that area, and later when you need the images, you can purchase only the ones you need from the archive.

• To be provided in stages from March 2022.


Next Launch of GRUS

Axelspace will launch four additional GRUS satellites in the fourth quarter of 2022. Together with the five satellites already on orbit, the nine-satellite AxelGlobe constellation will finally enable daily observation anywhere on the Earth.


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