Cosasco Launches Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring Instrument- ÅirIQ

United States – 02-02-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

February, 2022: Cosasco, a company synonymous with real time corrosion monitoring, is taking innovation to new frontiers with the latest high-tech atmospheric monitoring, enabling early prediction of corrosion threats to critical components in controlled environments. 


With the increased threat on critical data through corrosive airborne contaminants and humidity, ÅirIQ® is Cosasco’s newest corrosion monitoring instrument. Featuring real-time monitoring with a standalone display, ÅirIQ provides real time data of the effect of airborne contaminants on your equipment based on ISA 71.04-2013 standards. Based on ER technologies used to monitor some of the most critical assets in the world, ÅirIQ provides insights into the effects of airborne toxicants on vital electronics and equipment used across numerous industries such as Data Center, Semiconductor and Pulp & Paper. Unlike other products on the market, ÅirIQ monitors not only temperature, but also relative humidity, differential pressure and other potential threats to critical equipment. 


“Corrosion is a threat to critical infrastructure across all industries around the world,” said Cosasco Product Manager Earn Sakornpan, who has overseen the development of ÅirIQ. “Cosasco is taking our expertise to offer a solution that monitors corrosion of critical electronics in real-time.” 


Data transmits directly to the customer’s control system in real-time, reflecting changes in the environment immediately and allowing for quick corrective actions to be implemented. The ÅirIQ will be operable in any industrial environment with multiple communication protocols to integrate with a range of electronic infrastructures.


“With today’s high-tech equipment, corrosion coupons simply aren’t enough. Our customers need more data to get a complete picture, and that’s where the ÅirIQ comes in,” said Earn. “Those managing Data Centers, Pulp & Paper facilities, or any other controlled environments now have the technology to ensure that their critical equipment is well-protected.” 


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About Cosasco 


Cosasco has been exclusively dedicated to corrosion management for over 70 years. Cosasco has a strong history of proven product and service solutions, as well as a commitment to the continued advancement of the corrosion industry through innovation and expertise. Cosasco is the technology leader in intrusive corrosion monitoring with locations around the world, servicing more than 110 countries. 


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