Des Moines SEO Expert Reveals How to Rank a New Website in 2022

Des Moines, IA – 01-31-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Ryan Meighan, Owner & Founder of Des Moines, IA-based digital marketing company Clicked SEO reveals the best ways to rank a new website in today’s landscape.


SEO (search engine optimization), or the process of enhancing a website’s organic (non-paid) visibility in search engines can be especially hard for new websites. This is because search engines favor websites that have been around for a while to prove their value. 


“Let’s say I need to undergo a risky operation. I get to choose between a 30-year-old fresh out of their residency, or a 50-year-old veteran with hundreds of successful operations under their belt. I will choose the latter every time.” Said Ryan.


Ryan continued by explaining that while the stakes are a bit lower, search engines operate in a similar way when deciding what websites to show to viewers. They rank websites that have proven their value & sent them the proper trust signals. This is especially true in 2022, where tricking search engines with dated, spammy techniques is nearly impossible.


How does a new website gain this trust? Ryan reveals that the best way to rank a new site and build up this trust is to start with a content strategy that targets easy-to-rank keywords. For example, instead of writing an article targeting the highly competitive keyword “Best T-shirts”, start with an article titled “Best dressy men’s t-shirts that are eco-friendly”, a phrase that is less commonly searched but much easier to rank.


When explaining this concept, Ryan went back to the heart surgeon analogy:


“If patients won’t trust me to perform open heart surgery, maybe I start by performing minimally invasive procedures. Easy ones with high success rates. Once I establish enough street cred, I can move onto more serious operations.” Said Ryan.


An SEO content strategy for a new website should work the same way. Start by targeting easy keywords and showing search engines that you know what you are talking about. Then, as you make a name for yourself, slowly build up to more challenging search targets.


That is the secret sauce to ranking a new website in 2022 – create a content marketing strategy that starts small and ends big.



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