From Eating Fruit and Rice Every Day to Being a Successful Marketing Agency Owner; Why Daniel Phung started Full Books Marketing

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – 01-31-2022 –

Imagine yourself in the following situation: you are 11 years old, living in a low-income suburb. Your parents are both refugees from Vietnam, giving up their homes and leaving their families behind to give their new family a chance at a better life. Your father has to work two jobs, cleaning houses during the day and pressing clothes during the night because he doesn’t know how to speak English. This was the story of Daniel Phung’s upbringing.

He grew up knowing nothing other than poverty. His faded, second-hand clothes were covered in holes, from his shirt down to his shoes. The other kids would eat ice cream and hang out together, but Daniel couldn’t afford ice cream, so he wasn’t allowed to hang out with them. He was bullied for being “the poor kid.” He wished he would have been born into a rich family. He would obsess over the dream of being wealthy and well off, of being able to buy a pair of Chuck Taylors like all the other kids. Daniel wanted to buy ice cream during the hot Aussie summers and join in with the rest of the kids. He wanted professional haircuts at the hairdressers instead of his dad’s specialty home bowl cuts. He wanted new toys instead of hand-me-downs from his brothers and cousins. He wanted to go out to the movies with all the other kids, too. The family couldn’t even afford meat; instead, Daniel and his family ate fruit and rice for most of their meals.

However, something happened during Daniel Phung’s youth that made a profound impression on him. He saw his dad preparing to leave for work. He had two slices of white sandwich bread open. He held a tomato sauce bottle in his hand above the bread and started to squeeze. He swirled the sauce around, closed the two slices of bread, and placed it into his lunch bag. All this time, Daniel had thought I had it hard, but his dad was eating tomato sauce sandwiches. His father sacrificed everything he could to provide for the family and it took Daniel years to realize it.  Daniel’s father used any extra money the family had to ensure a successful future for his family. It was then that Daniel thought to himself and made the decision:

“Dan, you are going to work your butt off to overcome poverty and become successful no matter what. You owe it to your parents for making the sacrifice to give you this opportunity for a better life.” 

Years later, Daniel Phung would start a successful marketing agency with a mission to help other families become successful through their businesses and avoid the hardships that his family experienced. Today, Full Books Marketing helps 7, 8, and 9-figure brands and personalities scale their businesses through the use of innovative (and sometimes controversial) marketing methods.

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