Salvatore Lo Presti, Pianist And Composer, Joins The Outlaw Ocean Music Project Created by Journalist Ian Urbina

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January 27, 2022 –  The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, run by the label Synesthesia Media, is a global and expansive effort to disseminate The Outlaw Ocean Project’s investigative journalism to a broader audience by releasing music inspired by their reporting at sea. The Italian pianist and composer, Salvatore Lo Presti is part of the project and shares in a video the influences behind his album “Changing Together” and the importance of telling stories through music.

Created by reporter Ian Urbina, the music project’s goal is to draw attention to human rights and environmental abuse at sea. Spanning genres from classical to hip-hop to electronic, hundreds of musicians from around the world have joined the effort. Many of the artists who participate in the project draw from an audio archive of field recordings captured by Urbina. 

That was also the case for Salvatore Lo Presti, who reflected on Ian Urbina’s reporting work.

“He managed to uncover a large network of exploitation and illegality, a network that in a time of a pandemic proves even more dangerous,” Presti said. 

He added that he has always tried to bring attention to global issues by arousing intense emotions through his music: “Words are no longer enough, you need to reach a person’s soul, and music has always had that power. I hope that one day people can become aware of such issues,” Presti said. 

In the video posted by The Outlaw Ocean Project, his hopeful final statement is: “Together we can make a difference.”

“Changing Together” by Salvatore Lo Presti for The Outlaw Ocean Music Project is available in all stores, including Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify.

Synesthesia Media announces new waves of releases monthly on its social media.

About The Outlaw Ocean Project:

The Outlaw Ocean Project is a non-profit journalism organization founded by Ian Urbina that produces investigative stories about environmental and human rights concerns at sea globally. The project seeks to not only produce polished, narrative investigative journalism, but also to amplify that reportage by converting it into other other mediums to reach new audiences all over the world.

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