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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States – 02-22-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Sellers who offer Vehicle Protection Plans from CarGuard Administration have been enthusiastic about the new service CarGuard is now offering. The process to update a service contract is now easier than ever. With a simple online portal, sellers can update contracts without contacting numerous individuals to complete the update. 

This means more time for sellers to focus on selling protection plans and better customer satisfaction because their updates are handled quickly and accurately.

At CarGuard Trevor Smith, they know that each customer is unique, and they strive to ensure that their sellers can better meet their needs by offering a variety of protection plans. 

With plans ranging from the most comprehensive coverage of their Platinum Coverage Plan to more affordable options, such as their Prepaid Maintenance Plan, there is a level of protection designed to meet customers’ needs as well as their budgets.

CarGuard Trevor Smith values both the client and the customer, so they are always there to provide the help needed to succeed.

If customers want to purchase a vehicle protection plan, they can rest assured that CarGuard Trevor Smith will handle their plan and any claim with fast, friendly service. At CarGuard Trevor Smith, they know that you want to work with a company that stands behind its products. 

When sellers offer one of their plans to customers, they want to ensure that potential clients are never led astray. CarGuard Trevor Smith will do their best to help the customer and make them feel like a valued member of the CarGuard Administration family.

Of course, when a customer needs to change their vehicle protection plan or wants to update their current contract, selling partners will find a streamlined process that helps them ensure accuracy while also saving them time.  You’ll have a dedicated online website where you can handle any warranty update with just a few simple keystrokes. The process is fast, easy, and dedicated to making the job as stress-free as possible.

Customers will discover a variety of protection plans designed to meet their needs. They can appreciate that CarGuard Trevor Smith will be there for them every step of the way. They can better enjoy their vehicle knowing that if something should go wrong, CarGuard will be there to help them get their repairs covered, taken care of quickly, and without any upfront expense to the customer. 

CarGuard is there to ensure each customer is satisfied while also minimizing the amount of time spent fielding problem calls from customers who need repairs or service.

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