First Tee — Inland Empire’s Co-Founder Says “New Remote-Playing Golf and Fundraising App is Mind Blowing.

Portland, Oregon, United States – 02-22-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

After experiencing a demonstration of a new golf and fundraising application with Stanford University economics graduate Steven Schwartz, CEO of Vie Inc., well-known golf Nonprofit organization First Tee — Inland Empire’s Director and Co-Founder, Pamela Tyler, sent an unsolicited memo to Mr. Schwartz (quote), “It is MIND BLOWING, you and your team should be so proud of this GENIUS product you have developed.”

Vie’s new web platform not only allows people to play each other remotely on completely different golf courses, through its patent pending technology it determines the winner through advanced course comparison metrics and data analysis in real time. With the help of AI and machine learning algorithms, the ability to compete remotely advances every day. 

If that wasn’t amazing enough, Vie allows players to compete with an option to ‘play for good’ for the charities they love. When using Vie’s ‘play for good’ option, users can determine who they are going to play for, and how much they choose to donate. The site then automatically joins the player’s donation with corporate matching funds increasing what the players actually donated! 

The Vie platform will soon be available to the public and for all non-profits to share with their supporters to use daily for raising funds through any type of sports competition. Vie has combined sports with philanthropy in a new and very dynamic way. 

Another timely advantage in a post Covid world is Vie’s technology that gives its players the ability to remotely compete with friends (or strangers) from anywhere in the world. While competing in the sports they love (even from their own backyard), players will now have the ability to have fun while helping others, which is embodied in Vie’s global mission statement of motivating people all over the world to ‘play for good’.

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