KLleon, chosen by TED Talks, attends MWC 2022

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KLleon, an AI tech startup, participates in MWC 2022 for the first time



KLleon officially announces its participation for this year’s MWC(Mobile World Congress). 

MWC is the world’s largest exhibition organized by GSMA for the mobile industry, often featuring the latest technologies and innovations. MWC 2022 will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 28 to March 3. 


KLleon was founded in 2019 as a tech culture startup that leads the cultural industry with AI deep learning generation technology. KLleon’s vision is providing and consuming all contents in the most comfortable environment by breaking down barriers of communication. It improves a human’s cognitive ability through the optimization of experience.

At this year’s MWC, KLleon will introduce and showcase its B2B SaaS products “KLone” and “KLling,” based on Deep Human technology, which can generate virtual faces and voices close to real-time with one photo and 30 seconds of voice data.


KLone is a user-customizable AI digital human where the users can build their own-created virtual character. Not only you can change the virtual character’s face and voice in real time or make it virtual, but you can also select various features such as gender, race, and occupation. KLone has more than 7,000 behavioral motions. It is now collaborating with various companies to be implemented as Hyundai’s virtual tour guide, MBN’s virtual reporter, and Kyowon’s AI Tutor.

KLling is an automatic video dubbing solution that dubs the original language of the video in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English and Spanish. KLling uses the orginal voice and syncs the voice with the character’s lips shape to eliminate the awkwardness of dubbing. Currently, a project is underway to help content creators of MCN DIA TV under CJ ENM enter the global market by providing multilingual video content. Another possible project with TED Talks, a video conference on high-tech involving the world’s top celebrities in various fields. KLling will collaborate with TED Talks to produce real-time multilingual conferences.


KLleon is on its way to expand to global market. Last November, KLleon established Japan branch to target Japanese market. After the establishment of the branch, KLleon participated in AI EXPO TOKYO and has successfully established itself with about 100 business meetings. Also, KLleon participated in CES 2022 for the first time and received two innovation awards and acknowledged by global companies such as TCL, nVIDIA, AMD. 

KLleon’s CEO Seunghyuk Jin said, “KLleon is planning on expanding to the global market, initiating with receiving Series A funding from the US. It will be the first time to participate in MWC, and I am looking forward to showcasing products that are more advanced than we did at CES, and I am also curious about the response in the European market. Our booth is located in Hall 7, 7F21-F. So come to our booth and experience the most cutting-edge AI deep learning technology.”

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