The Everest Foundation Donates Toys To Loving Hands Children’s Home

Los Angeles, California, United States – 02-24-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The recent donation of time and money by The Everest Foundation to Loving Hands Children’s Home, an orphanage for disabled children located in California,  has created a stepping stone for the kids to learn essential social skills and interact with others. They enjoy playing with toys, which has produced tremendous results in exploring and experimenting with different activities. Toys allow them to learn different concepts and build essential skills while having fun. Simple toys also improve peer connections since children love to play with each other.  

This will ultimately foster their emotional intelligence and their problem-solving skills. They also serve as ways of understanding other people’s feelings and how to respond, which builds empathy and strong intrapersonal skills. Moreover, The Everest Foundation’s donations will build confidence in kids through trial and error, embracing the freedom of their ideas, and developing neural pathways that grow creative minds. 

Children love creativity, discovering, and exploring. Toys enrich children’s development through self-learning and resilience. They help kids understand how things work. Typically, these toys will provide a foundation for all kinds of complicated thinking later on for Loving Hands Children’s Home kids.

Loving Hands Children’s Home provides displaced and medically fragile children with a loving home atmosphere, living accommodations, and care services (including continuity of medical care) in a nurturing family setting. A comprehensive range of collaborative therapy treatments and activities are available at this facility. At the same time, providing sensitive client care, Loving Hands Children’s Home endeavors to protect the dignity and esteem of its clients.

They support emotional health,  spiritual healing, intellectual and social well-being, and environmental safety in conjunction with physical health. While providing attentive client care, they endeavor to enhance client respect and dignity.

Children and teenagers go to public schools, play sports, engage in after-school activities, have responsibilities, and socialize with their peers, just like other kids their age. To enhance confidence, self-esteem, and leadership abilities, they promote accountability through community work and many other initiatives.

The Everest Foundation, founded by Dr. Michael Everest, is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research and promoting medicine globally. The Everest Foundation connects medical students and graduates worldwide with premier medical institutions where they may share their enthusiasm and develop new talent in medical research.

They maximize the impact of residency programs while also providing financial support for program-specific projects that benefit both the teaching hospital and the particular program. Dr. Michael Everest and The Everest Foundation also funds medical research education and addresses the needs of communities, programs, students, physicians, and researchers.

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